Chandler Morris commits to OU

Glad for Chandler.

Me too. Good player. Impressive offer from OU.

Great kid.

Dudley, what are you’re thoughts on coaching possibilities at OK? I think Chandler committed because he knew no change. Skip Bayless thinks Dallas stays with Jason. What have you heard?

Nothing other than what I am reading on the Dallas Morning News.

I don’t really have any Dallas insiders.

Proud that Chandler made a decision that was not solely based on where his dad is coaching. Wonder what Gus thinks about that?

My bad. I thought you had a contact. I’m a Hog/Cowboy fan from years ago.

With a returning QB who was a true freshman, Gus knows he doesn’t have much PT to offer for at least two years unless Nix gets hurt.

Still have to wonder if Gus thought he was getting a coach and a quarterback. He might know something about how that works.

Momma ain’t leaving Dallas…this gives her a reason to stay behind…again.

ESPN reporter, Ed Werder is reporting that Jerry and Son have decided that the Cowboys will move forward without Garrett.
The search for the next Cowboys Head Coach has now begun.

Sure wish Chandler had committed to them earlier. Much earlier.

He signed in the early period, but OU held off announcing it for him.

Sorry but he’ll bench ride for 3 years behind Spencer Rattler

3 years at OU learning then grad transfer to Auburn

This is a possibility. We should have recruited Rattler by the way. His dad is from Conway, he grew up a Hog fan, cheering for DMac etc., and we never contacted him. At all. He committed to OU before Bielema was fired by the way.

Usually is those cases someone (The family, his coach, relative) will give a staff heads up on a kid like Rattler. Not aware of that happening.

Or he could beat him out.

Well, at least he shows appropriate disdain for Texas:

This does prove all the Chandler doubters wrong. OU can get about any QB they want.