Chances we don’t win another game?

It wouldn’t shock me if we lose the rest of our games. It also wouldn’t shock me to see us pull off a major upset along the way. I would be shocked if we win more 3 games this year.

like Meatloaf sang 2 out of 3 aint bad. Ought to win at least 2 of the non-conference left. Vandy would kick our ass and take names based on today, but this is the only Saturday that will be this bad this year. Feels like one of North Texas or Tulsa will also clock us. That is SMU level competition and Chad ought to handle that okay

There’s a great chance that we go two and Ten. more likely 3 & 9, and if we’re lucky we may go four an 8. I cannot see us doing anything better.

We won’t win a game in the right lane on a mule, trying to go 4yards an hour. If RPO stands for Rightlane Plowmule Offense we are in trouble. It doesn’t for anyone else in the country.

I think Arkansas probably will win at least one, maybe two SEC games, with Vanderbilt being the most likely. I think Arkansas will beat Tulsa and should beat North Texas, although nothing is a given with the way UNT can throw the ball.

But unless something changes drastically, it looks like the season is going to turn out the way many predicted in the preseason - with a losing record and near the bottom of the division. The program has dug a hole for many years. It will take a while to dig out of it, in my opinion.

We really haven’t been this bad for the entirety of 2011 till now. Just 3 years ago we went 5-3 in the conference, winning games at Tennessee, Ole Miss, and LSU, plus won big over Kansas St. in Liberty Bowl. The following year we beat teams that were ranked at the time we played them 3 times: TCU, Ole Miss, and Florida. We were actually ranked for most of that season till the Auburn catastrophe. So we were ranked as recently as October 2016. The blown halftime leads against Mizzou and Va Tech to end that season has not been overcome since.

I think the Hogs beat North Texas this Saturday. Again, it was a bad game, doesn’t mean they won’t win again this year.

To answer your question, I’d say 5% chance the Hogs don’t win another game. I think they win four more.

Auburn L
Alabama L
Ole Miss L
Tulsa W
Vandy L
Missouri L


Had us 5-7 or 6-6, but this assumed pretty good QB play. Our QB has been far worse than I thought possible and my revised prediction assumes it won’t get much better.

Wins over NTS, Tulsa and Vandy. Then don’t be surprised if we beat Ole Miss and one other SEC school.
Woo Pig

I think all teams will improve so I don’t think improvements alone will get us more victories, it will no doubt help but it’s not the key. One of the keys to more wins to me is deciding who our Qb is going to be and give him the nod build his confidence and give him the majority of snaps in practice & games. Maybe the biggest key is to get our starters back that are injured so we can ramp up our defense ! WPS

I’m preparing myself for the worst season we have had since I began following the Hogs in 1964. I think 2-10 is a possibility that can’t be discounted and 4-8 is the absolute ceiling. Most likely scenario, 3-9. On the positive side, the Autumn foliage should be incredible this year. Mark it down, best year for color in the Ozarks since 2013. That also happened to be the first year of the previous regime.

A good level headed response that I agree with! It is too early to say good or bad things about this team. This is the same personnel that was 4-8 last year but with a much WORSE QB. The first 2 games tell us that it is worse rebuild than we thought. We need to quit worrying about a winning season and start enjoying the improvement of a rebuilding process. If not, many fans are going to create an ugly atmosphere for anything less than 6-8 wins.

I’ll stick with 2-10.

Seriously, when I made this prediction back in September I remember thinking to myself “ you are being too negative. The roster is terrible and they are used to losing, but they’ll find another couple somewhere.”

Overall, the folks in this thread were pretty much on the mark.

Looking at 2019 what do you expect?

I’ll say 5-7