Chances of getting help from Bummer?

What do you think? Any chance they take one of the final two from the rebellious ones? I’d be surprised. In fact I’d be stunned if they did.

OM has lost some second games of SEC series. Third games too, so their 2-3 starters are not airtight. And we scored 10 runs on them in the third game, losing only because we couldn’t catch the ball (and because we kept leaving the bases loaded). Bama’s only won one SEC Saturday game but several others were one-run. So I’d say there’s hope, but not a huge amount.

Jake Walters should pitch for Alabama tonight. He is the one who shut down LSU last week. He’s also a senior and pitching his final game at home.

Bama will win today. Walter’s threw a great game last week. Bama had every chance in the world last night to win that game as well. Bama will come through.
The hogs just need to win.

its the SEC anything possible on the road if someone had told me we would lose 5/6 to MSU and LSU I wouldn’t have believed you.OM is really swinging the bats though and they have a very good staff

Walters was phenomenal tonight. He pitched a complete game and allowed four hits.

You never know how someone is going to perform in an emotional situation like he had tonight - his final game in college. What a way to go out.

I said last week after seeing him pitch against LSU that Walter was capable of giving Ole Miss fits. Never thought he’d throw a four-hit shutout, but he did.

Matt do you think Walters can get a cup of coffee and a shot at pro ball?

I think he’ll get a shot because there are more than 1,200 draft picks. His velocity is just kind of average, so I don’t know how long he can stick around. There is a reason he has never been drafted.

You have a point! He battles and gives his team everything he has. Good young man. He could very well end up on a lot of bus rides until he would finally give it up!

I just hope Bama has one more in them… I hate the thought of sharing the title with Ole Miss.