Chance Moore now #73 on ESPN

Noticed ESPN has now moved Moore from #44 to #73 and it now aligns more with other recruiting services. On the 247 composite, he is now #89.

Will never understand 247’s composite formula. When I think I have a bead on it, I don’t.

Somehow, this data leads to a composite ranking of 89

  • 247 Ranking - 112

  • Rivals Ranking - 113

  • ESPN Ranking - 73

Had not looked at 247 ranking and Rivals ranking, I was thinking ESPN ranking now aligns with others, but actually others moved him down further.

ESPN and 247 rate him as a 4 star while Rivals have him as a 3 star.

Again his highlights look good, but consistency and as you say intensity and motor may be the issue that drags him down in rankings.

Anybody in the top 100 can play! And Muss thinks that he’ll fit our team so that’s all I worry about. And he is a very good rebounding guard which I’m sure Muss likes and he can shoot the 3 as well as penetrate. And Mawein is a big 3-4 player at 6-10. And don’t forget that we have Kamani Johnson at 6-7 or 6-8 and he likes to play inside. And then, Iyiola at 6-9 who should help as well. I would not doubt, if we lose Moody, that Muss will get another scoring guard that can shoot the 3.

Yes, anybody can play. I love your enthusiasm, but there is a huge difference between a #44 and #113.

There is probably not much separation between a #26 and #50 as you can see with Moody who was rated #45. But a huge difference between #44 and #113 as you can see with Moody and Davis.

Again we are talking the rule and not the exception. Who knows Moore could be that exception and play like a #26.

Davis has already shown that he was underrated at 113. As a freshman, he’s now playing like a solid 4 star. This has proven true of many Arkansas recruits (like Desi) who have played their entire high school career in state. They just don’t get the same exposure as the private basketball academies (Montverde), the Oak Hills, etc.

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Very good point harley! And another thing is if Moore had been signed by one of the blue bloods he would have been in the top 30-50 for sure! Is he a one and done, probably not, but that gives us at least two years and maybe 3 for him to play for us. I’d love to have Moody for two years! And another point is look at Villanova. They very seldom get the top 30 player and they are always in the top 10 and usually higher. So, you don’t have to get the very top players to be very good! Look at Kentucky this year! They have the number 1 recruiting class in 2020! They are overrating the players on blue bloods. And another is Duke!


What I am trying figure out is whether we are getting a Moody or we are getting a Davis. I am sure you agree there is a difference. Initial ESPN ranking suggested a Moody. Now it is more a Davis.

I’m guessing he’s a solid #89. He plays in a huge Atlanta metro county with plenty of exposure and competition. He’s not an unknown. Were lucky to have landed on him.

He also plays 10 miles from my house.

I just hope we don’t get some of those low 5 stars that KY got this year that made up their #1 2020 recruiting class. I still maintain that the 2020 and 2021 classes will have more misses by the recruiting services in both directions than any previous recruiting classes.

They missed on Moody, who surprised on the upside, while most of KY’s class fell on the downside of their rankings. This year and 2021 are not years to count heavy on accuracy from the recruiting services.

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