Chance Moore hits portal

Seemed most likely outcome. We are bringing in 5 guys about his same size and similar skill set. Best of luck to him. Suspect he will get a lot of P5 interest

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Very classy departure. Hope he finds an ideal situation. Thanks for being a Razorback, Chance!


He seems like a great kid,always smiling on the bench…Good luck to him


man, I hate this. he and his mom/family just seemed like such nice people. he was a skilled and CLUTCH player in hs, really hard to believe he couldn’t play 1 minute a game. Sure wish him the best.



How many others have to transfer to make room for 6 freshman and 1 big man from portal?

My, how things have changed - in years past (like last year) this news of a 4* leaving would have been absolutely devastating

could see this coming from a mile away

on a poor-shooting team, still couldn’t get minutes on the court

good luck to him

I hope the 6 coming in are as good and READY as we all think they are. Chance Moore was very good from looking at his high school record but he never worked out here. Wish him success at his next stop. I hope all of these guys coming in are coachable and have a great attitude. If not we could all be disappointed.

One word to explain playing time. Defense.

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In my opinion there is not one kid coming in that is not coachable, has a bad attitude or doesn’t play defense. If so Muss would never recruited them.

Moore seemed like a great young man with a great family but he was not skilled enough to see the floor. He was competing with Toney, Stanley and Devo for minutes. No way he was breaking into the lineup with those guys ahead of him.

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And he’s not getting time ahead of Smith, Black, Ford, etc., either.

Returnees as of now:

We can assume that Cade Arbogast loses the scholie he got in January.

Six freshmen. That’s 14

At least one more has to leave now. JD seems to be a given, but anyone else from the portal requires another departure. CV? One of the Robinsons? Both of the Robinsons? Depends on how deep we go into the portal.

yep, probably

We knew the departures were going to happen. With 5 top recruits coming in, playing time was going to be scarce. Players want to play somewhere not sit on the bench when they can start somewhere else. There will be more hitting the portal.

Bon Chance.


I will predict there will be other Chance Moore’s in the future. Probably one in the incoming class. A highly regarded, highly skilled player who never really sees the floor during his time in the program…. for whatever reason(s).

When you recruit a roster full of talent, and ultimately play only 7-8, more than 15+ minutes a game, you will usually have players seek playing time elsewhere.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s not even necessarily a problem. It’s just math.

Look at North Carolina…. they lose talent like Garrison Brooks and Walker Kessler and then make the Final Four the very next season.


Good point

The thing is he was highly rated. Why do people assume the guys coming in are better. He’s got a year under his belt. I don’t understand these moves sometimes.

I don’t necessarily always understand these moves either. But this one seems obvious.

The reason many people sometimes assume incoming players are better is because of our eyes. The little that my eyes have seen Chance Moore compared to the little my eyes have seen Nick Smith, Derrian Ford, and Jordan Walsh tells me…. Chance Moore had an uphill battle to get much floor time next year.

For another comparison…. If, hypothetically, Trey Wade returned next year, he would have a hard time getting as much playing time as this year. And he’s seasoned. There are just more talented players coming behind him who have higher ceilings and greater chances to get more minutes, if they play hard.

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