Chance for Ethan and Vance to step up

Both likely to get bigger minutes tonight if J Will is truly out as rumored.

Will be interesting to see if we go small some with Smith and Jackson as the forwards. Not as good a defensive or rebounding team but puts another good 3 point shooter on the floor.

I am going to guess we will see plenty of four guards around Justin Smith. I do expect to see Vance Jackson and Ethan Henderson. Baybe Iyiola (6-9) has also been dressing out lately. I’m not sure this is the game you work him into the lineup at some point, but the kid could rebound pre-injury.

South Carolina plays a top 5 tempo in the country, and is second in pace in SEC games at nearly 76 possessions per game.

Vance has been getting minutes anyway, just not very many. He’s played in all but one game. Ethan has only played in half of the games. Obviously with Jaylin out both will get more time, and CV may have to pick up the slack as well. Will he throw Baybe in there? Stay tuned. I think Ethan is a better defender than CV or Vance so he may get a bigger PT bump.

I doubt that will be the case, with SC being a high tempo game, well, lets just say that doesn’t suit CV’s talents. Muss tends to use CV less in the higher tempo games, and I can certainly understand why. I think CV will be lucky to get 6+ minutes unless we have some real foul issues and he is forced to play.

That’s specifically why I included him. He may be forced to play. Even with his limitations he may be a better option than Baybe or Vance.

I think it will be help by committee with Vance, Ethan & to small degree Connor. Fouls will dictate that and we are playing on the road against a fast pace team. We will get no favors from the refs.

My question (and I haven’t seen the Poultry play this year) is do they attack the rim? In their blowout of Georgia they made 10 of 23 treys and scored 48 of their 91 points in the paint, but without a shot chart I don’t know if those are predominantly layups/dunks or midrange stuff. Their loss at Moo U before that, they were 4 of 21 from deep and scored only 20 points in the paint. No shot chart there either. I could go through the PBP and count layups, but I don’t wanna. However, a quick scan of the Moo U PBP shows several missed layups (sounds familiar).

I honestly don’t understand why Ethan hasn’t gotten more PT. I’m sure Muss has his reasons, but I just last night rewatched last years final game against Vanderbilt and was surprised to see/remember that Ethan started that game. Played well, especially in the first half. Yes, he is not as thick and physical as JW and JS but is maybe a better shot blocker and holds his own as a rebounder and scorer. I think he could have contributed more if he had been given the opportunity, so looking forward to seeing how he does tonight. Hoping Desi and Vance get back on track, too. The possibility of Iyiola playing is also very intriguing.

No better time than tonight for Connor to step up.

It usually falls back to how a kid practices or there is a particular facet of his play that is not shining enough.

Practice is where minutes are earned.

The mix has been working pretty good.

I’m with you on Henderson. He plays well the little he plays, and he played well the last few games last year. He is athletic, has those long arms and looks like he could really help us. Maybe, he will get his chance and play well tonight.

According to KenPom data, South Carolina gets 54% of its points on 2-point field goals in SEC play and for the season. That is fifth-best in the league.

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I agree the mix that plays the most is pretty good. I guess I overstated in my first sentence. I don’t think Ethan needs to get a lot more playing time–but, maybe just wishful thinking, I would like to see him get a little more. I understand about practice time also, but I think matchups in game also have something to do with it. Muss knows a lot more than I do about that so I don’t want to second guess him.

Looks like he is going to get some tonight with Jaylin out.

Already in the game.

And Conner has been a big part of the game
Not a lot of points, but has been effective defensively

Vanover with 3 points, 4 rebounds and 4 blocks in the first half

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I see why Vance doesn’t play that much. Saw him take two three’s, and didn’t follow either one of them. The first, had he followed instead of standing there and watching his shot, he would have been able to get the long rebound right back at him.

Ethan got in late in first half against Alabama and his man (a center) made four threes in about two minutes. That does not make a defensive head coach happy.

Interestingly he was as wide open in the second half but missed those shots.

Not as wide open in my opinion. It sure looked like close outs by Jaylin. I did not see anything close to that when Ethan was out there. Did you?

Ethan’s stat line tonight was only one that you see that’s not really good. Six minutes, two fouls, nothing else and team was -7.

Ethan plays hard. He gives effort. But something is not clicking. I’m pulling for him because he does play hard.