Championship predictons

Bama 28-20… I just feel Clemson Young quarterback we’ll throw a couple interceptions and that will be all Bama will need. He never has played in a game this Big.

I’ll go with Bama 36 - 20

Clemson 37 Bama 27,strictly a gut feeling no other reason. WPS

I agree with your score, but my reason is I think Bama was riding an emotional high against Murray and that “unstoppable offense” and I think they’ll have a letdown. Clemson is the one team, in my opinion, that Bama has to bring their A game, if they don’t they’ll get beat

I think Bama is the better team, but I agree they really got “up” for OU & could let down a bit against Clemson. If they do, Clemson is good enough to win. Nonetheless, I’ll go with what I think is the better team with the better talent. Bama by 6 points.

I always root for SEC but,
I think Bama might be better on paper, but if Clemson has all of their NFL ready Dline healthy which I think they will & Clemson’s WR’s against Bama’s secondary.
It’s Clemson’s turn.
Clemson - 31
Bama. - 30

Number 18 will be worn prominently across SabaNation, for one year.

Alabama 35, Clemson 34. I don’t think the stage will be too big for Clemson’s QB because it wasn’t too big for Alabama’s freshman QB last year. I think the two teams could play 10 times and would probably split the series. I’ll pick Alabama just because there has to be a winner.

I’m tired of both and most college football fans are too… Bama/Saban will be there next year because this is a very young team. I do hope Clemson beats them and maybe they won’t get Four Five stars in next years class like this past one.

Like I been saying, there oughta be a limit on 5 stars to a team–somehow. It’s bad for collegiate football to have no hope. I attribute bowl attendance to interest or lack thereof in continuing that climb in the polls. If you are not in the playoffs, that incentive is reduced. Recall when teams went into frenzy in their games trying to convince the pollsters they are No. 1, or that they should rise in the polls in order to start off the next season higher in the polls. Not as true anymore.

So if the same teams that attract the all the 5 stars (who made a business decision to go to those schools) are continuously in the playoffs, then doesn’t it make sense that there will be lack of interest in the secondary bowls?

I think the bowl sponsors are happy with higher TV ratings verses lower attendance at the games. Even as stadiums look bare during bowl games.
Expect this as status quo for a while.

Clemson 37, Alabama 31. Just a feeling.

In my mind, this is a toss up. I think it’s Clemson’s turn. Perhaps they have a little more experience on defense, but overall it’s too close to call.

I think the old general rule applies, the team that makes the fewest mistakes will win. I have a gut feeling Clemson will win.


I think you’re right. Even bad bowls with nobody in attendance provide pretty cheap advertising for sponsors. Lots (well, relatively speaking) of football fans will watch when there’s nothing else on. The teams’ fans who don’t attend will also watch.

I agree with you; I just don’t know how you legislate where kids go to college. I guess you could try to limit each school to three five-star players and five four-stars and fill the rest of the class with three stars, but the star system is so subjective that I don’t know how you would lesgislate it. That might even change the number of five- and four-stars given out. Instead of 25 five-stars, a service might lower that to 10 or 15.

Yep. That’s the problem. No way to legislate such a thing.

I think Bama is a 6 point favorite but I could be wrong.

Some how the elite programs would manipulate the system. Recruiting kids as a 3 star sophomore or junior in HS & make sure that star rating sticks instead of rising.
All of a sudden Bama is NC with a roster full of 3* players.