Championship game

So, if NC St had beaten Vanderbilt yesterday, would tonight’s game be for the National Championship? Assuming NC St couldn’t play any more games.

That would seem to be true.

Good point and a really bizarre scenario that I totally missed. Probably the NCAA would have declared those two teams the finalists and moved their first game to Monday for a best 2 out of 3.

But then again, there is no way to know what those folks would do.

There is no way to know. At least Vanderbilt won the previous game. Their advancement is slightly tainted, but at least they were tied with NCS when NCS got disqualified

Kendall Rogers tweeted over the weekend that if NC State had beaten Vanderbilt on Friday, Saturday’s game would have been for the national championship. The winner would have had no one to face, so that game would have ended it.

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