Championship game turns out to be a Cat Fight!

LSU Tigers vs Clemson Tigers

GO LSU… GO SEC… WE just want it more!!

Cat Form Tackling Techniques…

I want Clemson to win.

I don’t care about the conference stuff. I care about the Hogs.

I’m not going to root for an SEC division rival getting even more recruiting ammunition.

( I do, however, think LSU is the best team.)

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Hard pass


Agree ! Screw the rest of the SEC

Glad you agree.

I will never understand conference tribalism.

Did root for them today due to my visceral dislike of OU, but that’s it. Go Clemson !

Its simple economics folks. The better the SEC does the more money it makes. If your the best you can negotiate bigger TV contracts, bigger sponsorships, etc. That means more money for the SEC. Which trickles down to more money for Arkansas even if right now our Football program is struggling. SO… SEC SEC SEC

That’s my opine and I’m sticking to it.


So it’s good for us if all the teams in the SEC get equally more amounts of money?

No. That is the opposite of logical to me. Your economic theory is wrong.

However, it’s clear to me that if LSU wins the national title they will singularly be advantaged by gaining more national respect and strengthening their program’s tradition - thus leading to better recruiting of players, assistant coaches, and more merchandise sales ($$$).

To hell with the rest of the SEC. They don’t need any help.

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Loyal to the Hogs 1st and the SEC 2nd.
Why not support the dominance!

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This is how I look at it as well

Living in Little 12 country, all I hear is espn controls football and Big 12 is just as good,refs are taking it from other conferences and so on. It does my heart good to see SEC do well and others to whine. That said, I long for the day we are relevant. Always Hogs first, SEC 2nd.

The SEC officials screwed the Buckeyes twice, Clemson shouldn’t be there. Go LSU.

I have always disliked Ohio State, but I also dislike Clemson. So I hope LSU wins easily, but doubt if it is a runaway. As far as money, I personally feel college football was much more enjoyable prior to ESPN. Actually I need to qualfy that and say prior to ESPN expanding from one channel to owning TV.

Now this is a hot take!
Why do you say that? Thanks to ESPN I get to watch every UA game.

On my Directv package the game was on in four different channels. ESPN IMO has way too much to say about college football in general and as much as I liked them when they first came on as Entertainment and Sports Programming Network and had sports in the evening and regular type shows daytime, I feel they have so much power now the schools do whatever ESPN wants. It is entirely possible I am just an old goat and do not understand the real world these days.

I really don’t care for any of the four teams in the CFP. A shame someone has to win it. I long for the day that someone other than Clemson, Bama and TOSU are in that final four. I’m sure I’m going to get sick of seeing LSU in there too.

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When the same few teams get all the talent, this is what you will have. You cannot blame the kids for going where the money is.

Ohio State is better than Clemson, but those failures to score TD’s inside the 20 did them in. Clemson played like a champion and came back when they looked beat at 16-0. The Clemson quarterback was a hoss and fueled the comeback. He reminded me of Matt Jones with a good arm. Clemson’s coaching staff is just superb.

I don’t like those trashy fans from LSU, but I think those Tigers are better and will beat the South Carolina Tigers.