Championship Game Thread

At this pace (21 points in less than 5 minutes) this game could last until midnight!

Yep, man, I’m like Herbstreit, I didn’t expect this kind of shoot out

I’ll be glad when these guys establish the run so they can throw. #defensewinschampionships #nobodyiswinningtimeofpossession.

Saban’s Achilles Heel…extra point coaching!!!

14-13 now but I’m going to say Bama by 14 or more.

Alabama does look better Richard. If they can run like this they’ll be tough to beat.

What was the over/under on this game?

Poor lady. Bet she’s trying to save the world.

It is amazing how well both of these teams do the small fundamental things so well. Both teams know how to block and tackle and their players are willing to do it.

I think they will get 57, maybe by halftime. Strange game to me.

That’s Alabama’s third or fourth mistake. Mistakes kill you.


After Bama’s first TD live scoring changed it to 69.5

Tua is playing very poorly and I never thought bama would not blitz Lawrence… they are giving him time to throw secondary playing poorly great game plan so far by clemson

On the ropes again…

Brent Venables is one superb defensive coach. He is a difference maker on the sideline.

Oklahoma’s defense was never the same after he left. I’ve thought highly of his coaching for a long time.

Lou Holtz used to tell his players that when the opposing team starts running trick plays, it’s an indication they don’t think they can beat you straight up. Alabama is starting to look kind of panicky.

My gosh that was a horrible fake call!!

Well, Bama ran well most of the 3rd quarter.