Championship Game Thread

Not sure if anyone is interested…

Bama rolled on that second possession… If they can keep their offense moving, this wont be close

Helmet to helmet hit by Bama. No call. Imagine that… :wink:

I love watching the coaches channel (on ESPNews), but I wish that they would show the coaches view of the field on the whole screen instead of in a window. I don’t need to see the coaches themselves, nor the national feed from ESPN.

I didnt notice this view. I flipped over. A lot more interesting.

Bama is the best. They are going to win. Thread over.

It’s hard to believe that Bama’s points have all been scored on OFFENSE! That is un-bama-like.

Is Bielema on any of the game coverages for ESPN later? Half time show? 2nd half SEC Network?

Sure hope not. Tired of his bluster.

I hope so. I love to see him repping the university. He is a lot of fun to watch and a heck of an analyst.

A good analyst would have made second half adjustments against Mizzou and VT.

blah blah blah

Clemson just might win this game.

Wow. What a game.

Amazing game. Simply amazing. I was sure Clemson won, then Bama, then Clemson.

Glad Bama understands the sting of losing like the rest of us even though it’s rare…

Someone forgot to tell Bama to make halftime adjustments. Must be an SEC West thing. Lol