Champions Classic

The double header Kentucky vs Duke
Kansas vs Michigan St should be renamed to the “Cheaters Classic”. They should have made it a triple header and let Arizona take on Louisville. There potentially could be many more games added to rewarded cheaters.
The pay to play days are far from over.
Give a man an inch and they will take a mile just as these hall of shame coaches have done. The real shame here is Bill Self is coaching and one of his blue chip players that never played a game for him is overseas while another player is riding the pine. I thought a (leader) coach was responsible for everything that happens within his or her program. I was mistaken.
That’s where plausible denial comes in other wise known as just lying.

Indeed, nothing will happen to any of those coaches because they bring in so much revenue.

Oh well.

I’m more worried about our game with Texas on Friday.

I think the hogs beat Texas. We are young but we have talent. I just hope Joe is hot from the outside and we can keep the tempo up. Our defense will get tested.

Well it will be a wash if they all have to forfeit these games later on.

Since they all should have to forfeit I guess they just count it as a practice where tickets were sold.