Chad Walker contract

He will make $375,000. The deal includes the normal provisions, such as a $100,000 buyout and a no-compete clause. Here is more: … ke-375000/

Matt, your last paragraph reads as though Rhoads has been offered a salary and “has not agreed to accept it”. Is this true, or are both sides just still in negotiations and nothing firm has been placed on the table by either party?

oops! Either I didn’t scroll to the bottom of of the entire article or you just added a new last paragraph. Do you know if his $750,000 annually is reduced by the amount of his salary here? If not, then his salary here should just reflect his market value as a DC while also based somewhat on his performance here last year.

I changed the wording a little to avoid confusion. He hasn’t agreed to a new salary yet. I’m not sure what the holdup is, but I don’t think it’s anything to be worried about.