Chad’s career

Wonder where it goes from here?he’s certainly gonna get our money because I can’t imagine him getting a job making more than Beliema.

I could see him doing really well in a high-end FCS program. I don’t mean that as a knock against him, either. The guy can recruit pretty well.

He has to give up the whole 1/4 or 1/3 installed offense crap. If you can’t get your offense fully installed by the end of a year with a full pre-season and Spring, that’s on you, coach. The kids aren’t the problem.

Can’t decide if Chad Morris = Stan Heath or Chad Morris = John Pelphrey.

Man, we have had a few really bad coaches in our 2 biggest sports.

Stan and John were both much better than Chad. they actually won some games


I fear he will become an analyst at Clemson and it will be an expensive year for the Razorback Foundation.

Let’s hope CCM does not upset the RF again by not seeking comparable employment. We need to get past this CBB lawsuit.

That seems to be the current way the Rich keep on top of the hill. Places like Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, etc, higher these fired coaches and give them a job title like analyst or other bogus thing like Director of athletic well-being (something that won’t prevent them from maintaining their compensation package). They pay them rock bottom money like maybe 35K a year and let them sit there and get paid by their competitions dime. Use them for their skills and knowledge while other school pay the bills. I think this is a horrid practice, but not sure there is anything that can be done except do the same thing. I almost think if your going to hire an ex-coach that still under a compensation package that ex-coach should count againt the on-field staff limits. Otherwise the well to do will just pile up analysts.

I’m sure his son Chandler is glad he didn’t go to Auburn. Not sure he will see much playing time at Oklahoma either, but time will tell.

Morris’ buyout agreement is with the university, not the foundation.

Won’t the buyout be funded by the RF even if the agreement is with UA?

Foundation funds are probably used to cover those types expenses. My point was more to if there is a contract disagreement, it would be between the university and Morris, not between the foundation and Morris.

Can’t see this in Chad’s case. :wink:

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Chad Morris rates and needs to only compare to himself. Stan Heath and John P. Are better people and coaches than Morris. Also they don’t change faces 3 times a day.

There is nothing wrong with having so called analysts on the payroll if permitted and you can fund it. Paying head coach $35k is a steal to get lathe extra eyes and ears of experience in the program. Saban has done a great job of using this process and it has also benefited many of those coaches to getting re hired and I bet being much better coaches which benefits everyone involved in the sport. Arkansas would have been better off doing this than paying head coaches not to coach.

Which goes back to my question. Where does he go from here. Those guys aren’t exactly head coaches at power 5 schools. I just can’t imagine chads career continues as a head coach. Really can’t imagine it as an OC

Dabo would take back Chad. With the money we paid Chad for 2 yrs plus his buyout $ & his compensation before & after Arkansas, he can comfortably retire early at 52.

Assuming that we haven’t burned any bridges (?), why can’t we talk him into coming back to one of those positions in our program? If he is really (?) good enough to fill one of those positions for a major program, why can’t it be ours?

Not sure how anyone can take joy in someone else’s failures, especially when it hurts one’s own interests. Not sure I relish being called spiteful or foolish. The king is dead, long live the king is how I look at it. If Chad’s suffering gave us three more four stars or a New Years bowl game, I might understand the emotion, but he gone! Hope he gets a power five job with a good salary, then falls flat. Hey, never claimed not to be a bit spiteful!

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It would be like hiring your ex-spouse to be the wedding coordinator when you get remarried.







Bielema tried to bring in some higher profile analysts, right? Wasn’t Rhoads first an analyst before becoming an on-field coach? It is a brilliant way to get extra eyes on your team and your opposing teams. They are scouting and doing cut tapes so that the staff exits the stadium on Saturday and has an iPad full of clips, ideas, etc.