Chad Morris's Assistants

Coach Morris brought in 3 or 4 Assistants ( that have not yet been hired ) and sent them out on the recruiting trail. How is this being done without them being paid? Who or what is funding these recruiters travel, lodging and meals, if they haven’t been hired? These people porobably have families and bills to pay, so where is the money coming from?
We the fans, being kept in the dark once again, about any DC hire, or these recruiters. We now know there was a secret agreement that Coach BB was able to put into play, that will probably allow him to receive around 15 million for being fired. instead of around 5 million the fans were told about. What other " agreements" have currently been put into play that the fans are unaware of?

The assistants are being paid, their contracts are just short-term until terms can be worked out.

Those contracts ended Dec. 31st, I assume they have new ones, but I’ll wait until the ADG FOI produces it.

On this question, I’ve now seen two different sources (won’t say credible) say that Chavis is indeed recruiting for AR. If, true, how? He’s still under contract to aTm, they haven’t fired him, and he hasn’t quit, isn’t there a conflict of interest there?

Marty, thank you for the answer :slight_smile:

The coaches who came from SMU were under contract through Dec. 31. I requested information on the contracts yesterday, but nothing was yet available. It should be noted that the university was closed from Dec. 22 through Jan. 2. I’m sure the contracts are being worked on this week.

The word was that there would likely be a press conference tomorrow introducing some of the staff. Is anything scheduled? If not, any guess when?

Nothing is scheduled.

Thanks, Matt.

This is getting stranger and stranger. If the Assistants were under contract until 31 Dec, who put them under contract ?? What were they being paid? Why wouldn’t another contract for them have been signed, taking effect on 1 Jan 18 ?? Why haven’t these people been hired on a permanent basis already? This is getting to be smoking mirrors.

Not really. The short term contracts were reported when the coaches started recruiting, here and elsewhere. It was no big deal. With the early signing day, there was no time to finalize contract details so the short term contracts were the best way to get guys out on the road. Once the recruiting dead period started there was no longer an urgency to rush the contracts through. It was pretty clear after signing day there would be no formal announcements on staff until this week. The only people who stressed about this are us impatient fans.

OK Matt, this is what I’ve found so far. Can any of you comment:

HC: Chad Morris (if name listed, twitter states positions at AR)
OC: Joe Craddock
WR: Justin Stepp
OL: Dustin Fry
RB: Jeff Traylor
TE: Barry Lunney, JR
DC: John Chavis (rumored, unofficial)
DL: Steve Caldwell (rumored, unofficial)
ST: Tanner Burns ?

Support Staff:

Strength and Conditioning:
Recruiting Coordinator/Defensive Analyst: Mark Smith (is there an offensive analyst?)
Director of Ops: Randy Ross

Also, I know Bobby Allen has been recruiting, is he still NFL guy (don’t remember official title)

Are these correct names?

I’m not sure Burns is one of the 10 assistants, but maybe the ST analyst??

I do know that Caldwell is coming to Arkansas. I do believe John Scott is under consideration as DL coach, too. It would seem this staff will need some African American hires to fill out the staff. It could be that they split up ends and tackles.

But Caldwell is here and working for Arkansas.

On Burns, Lunney made a comment to him last night, his Twitter says ST coach U of A

Edit: Just looked at it again, his Twitter says Coach Tanner Burns, and Special Teams at U of A, doesn’t say he is ST Coach. Maybe analyst

I knew there was another of CBB’s staff that was mentioned. What about Allen, same position or a new one? Any idea?

His brother-in-law in Jonesboro says he is coming, fwiw. Chavis runs a 4-3, we may have 2 DL coaches??

I’ve heard differing details on what Mark Smith will do. He is an offensive coach, not a defensive one, and I’ve heard he might have a full-time on-field position. If he does, that might bump Barry Lunney to a support staff role.

Everything I have heard indicates Steve Caldwell will be an assistant next year and could already be in town.

I do not know if Tanner Burns will remain on staff. I’m unsure of how the employment agreements read for quality control coaches.

At least officially, nothing has been finalized on what role each person will have. Their initial contracts do not specify job functions and Chad Morris declined to detail their roles when I asked him about it a couple of weeks ago.

This seems to be taking an unusually long time to complete. I know patience is important here but I’m surprised at how long it is taking.

Caldwell’s recent twitter activity is all Razorback related.