Chad Morris?

When Morris resigned his high school job, it was thought that he had a college job (assistant) lined up.

Have any announcements been made?

How does this effect his buyout from UA?

His buoys should be getting close to ending. Coach Pitman is on year 3!

Chad Morris? No need to cuss on Father’s Day. :rofl:


Morris hasn’t been hire elsewhere as far as I know. I don’t think anything has changed on his buyout front.

Chad Morris came in and set high expectations, ran off some good kids and was not anywhere near ready to be a head coach in the toughest conference in football. I can now say that I don’t think he was a bad person, just a guy in over his head and the pressure he put up on him self did him in at Arkansas. Wish him the best in the future. WPS

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All true. But he did recruit some decent players. Actually more than decent. Like Burks and Bumper. And I believe K.J. Jefferson. Not that he knew much about what to do with them. Plus they were pretty young by the time he left.

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One wonders what his college prospects may be after flopping at his last two jobs in the SEC.

In my opinion, the best thing Coach Morris did was not burn KJ’s redshirt.

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Yes he did recruit some quality players, he just didn’t possess the knowledge to build and handle a college team it seemed to me. At times he used high school discipline tactics that doesn’t work on the college campus according to what I heard. Like I said in the other post he was just in over his head as a ‘Head’ coach. WPS