Chad Morris to USF

It took a few months after he resigned from Allen High, but we now know Morris will join his friend Jeff Scott at USF. Scott, who is the Bulls’ head coach, was a position coach when Morris was the OC at Clemson.

And he only has a short drive on I-4 to see his old pal Gus! It should be a touching reunion when USF and UCF play their annual game on Nov. 26th.

In another oddity, USF’s starting QB this year will likely be Baylor transfer Gary Bohanon, who supposedly did not want to sign with Arkansas because Morris (to his credit) was going to sign KJ Jefferson. I have no idea how the two interacted during recruiting then, but I’m sure neither one thought they’d ever be in the same football operations building again.

South Florida went 2-10 last year and the seat is getting warm for the head coach, who will be in his third year. If things don’t get quite a bit better for the Bulls, Morris has a chance to be fired from three college staffs in three years (with a stint as a high school coach sandwiched in between).

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I’m sure Chad Morris is a good person but he really has no business being anywhere near a college football team at this point. God bless him, his persistence, and the schools who keep letting him on campus.

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I believe it was Connor Noland that kept Gerry Bohanon from signing

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He sucked for us and others but chasing his dream is never wrong, no matter how others feel about it.

I wish him well. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”. And he did succeed at first, at Clemson and SMU. So there’s hope.

No worries for Chad. He got rich off of Arkansas.

I think that’s right. I clearly remember Bohanon wanted to be the only QB signed. At the time Noland certainly looked the part, having been brilliant at times at a higher level school than Bohanon, so I still can’t fault Morris for sticking with Noland. Bohanon was always way too good an athlete for most of the small school competition he faced, so he was always more of a projection than a sure thing.

Bohanon’s Baylor career seemed to be that of a QB who could not quite get over the hump to be really good-lots of athletic ability, occasional eye-opening plays, but never quite putting it all together. A change of scenery and playing in an easier conference may really help.

Can he really handle a clip board?

True on wanting to be the only QB.

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Chad has lots of experience being on (or near) the hot seat. Maybe that’s his sweet spot….


He uses an iPad😎

That statement needs to be rephrased to another way I’ve heard and seems more appropriate for him.
If at first you don’t suck seed, keeping on suckin’.

Not that I’m angry AT Morris because I’m not, water under the proverbial bridge But it might be a nice
gesture if 'ol Chad and John L. went in and shared a chalet together on the beach.

If I remember JohnL was broke, Chads going to have to tote the note

Chad has nice places scattered around. He has a place near Aspen. A place on the beach. And a ranch. He had all of them before Arkansas. Prob all are paid for by now. When he decides not to be an analyst (or coach), he will be alright.

Oh I’m well aware that financially he’s more than adequately covered. At the same time I can elaborate on his inability to coach

While he clearly was over his head as an SEC head coach, he brought in some pretty good players in a short period of time. Our O-line, which was seriously depleted when he took the job, is now restocked with Chad recruits, and regarded as one of the top 2 or 3 lines in the SEC. Jefferson and Catalon, also Chad recruits. I know Burks and Pool were likely always going to be Hogs, but to his credit, he did not screw that up. IMHO, he left the program better off than it was when he arrived.

From a talent standpoint, maybe. From a standpoint of completely destroyed self-confidence, no. Sam had to bring that up from ground zero.


I wouldn’t say it’s his dream. According to him, It doesn’t define him. It’s not who he is. It’s just what he does.

I’m surprised he has all those things instead of giving his money to church. But Chad rarely did what he preached.