Chad Morris to Auburn

Great news! Chad Morris OC and quarterback coach for Auburn. Must needed help with that buyout!

Yeah. That will reduce the buyout for sure.

Wonder if he will try and get Stepp over there too. That would suck but it is what it is.

Chad back in training. Chandler?

Hammer down!

Lets see if Auburn pays him about 100k to stick it to us…court is in session.

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yahoo sports tweets: “Auburn hires Chad Morris as offensive coordinator after disastrous stint as Arkansas head football coach” incase anyone needed any reassurance.

Hopefully that will reduce what we owe him by $800,000 a year or so.

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I thought to get a reduction the former coach had to get a position equal or greater to what he had and OC is certainly a step down from HC. I thought the loophole was a coach that takes a lesser position and gets paid rock bottom (ie well below market rate) because his wages are off set by the old school. Thus its an advantage for a new school to higher someone in a buy-out as they tend to get a good deal on the cheap cheap.

Can someone really enlighten me on how these things work. I’m not real sure. In fact I thinks its exactly low-ball wages for Beliema at New England that has us disputing his continued buy-out.

I looked at Chad’s contract this morning and compared it to SP’s. Chad is required to mitigate by seeking comparable employment but that isn’t spelled out. But whatever he makes working for Saint Gus will offset his payoff from us. If we end up firing Sam, he is specifically required to mitigate by seeking a college HC job or NFL assistant.

Good for Chad Morris. He should take failure as an opportunity to learn how to be a college football head coach. Walk the walk & learn from adversity.

So now we have a beef with Auburn, Ole Miss, Missouri (if the Drinkwitz hire is an issue), etc. Turn ALL these negatives into positives.

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With Beliema, I believe it was that, and also that he didn’t report the income he was getting. I heard that the initial “job” with the Patriots was supposedly “unpaid consultant”. And, I don’t believe he made any real attempt to secure another head coaching position.

I know nothing about the language in Chad’s contract, but usually he must seek a comparable job that he was fired from. If that couldn’t happen from lack of available jobs, then whatever job he secures would offset the payment from us to him. There’s also usually language that the pay he receives/claims for his new job cannot be ____% below market for that job. So, for instance, he couldn’t claim $100K for that $800k - $1.2M job at Auburn.

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We should have known Gus would hire him for no other reason than Arkansas fired him. Wish Morris well non the less. WPS

We should probably feel sorry for Bo Nix. He may end up like Starkel did this year.

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Bo wasn’t evaluated by Morris which I see as s good thing, everyone points to his work at Clemson with the Qb. He tried numerous QBs at Arkansas plus couldn’t get K. Bryant to come here to play which spoke volumes. Our OLine killed his chances here, hopefully Pittman will do better at hiring good assistants and coordinators than Morris did. WPS

he has a bonafide qb to work with at auburn, plus an offensive line. and gus will still have his hands all over the offense, he called plays this year and wouldn’t surprise me if he kept calling plays even with morris on staff.

To be fair Morris only really had one QB, Tahj Boyd, during his tenure at Clemson. His claim to fame other than that is having recruited Deshaun Watson, whom I think he coached his freshman season. I think that season they used two quarterbacks, the other being Cole Stoudt.

UTSA was where I thought Chad would end up when he was circling the drain, maybe Rice but he is probably not up to what they are looking for after his disastrous stent on the Hill. It is best for Chandler to not be around pops, actually for both.

I thinks we were set up. Morris and Gus were to close. We loose bad in 2 years, Morris gets fired, next thing you know Gus picks him up. Very interesting.

I was with you on the set up part but I thought you were gonna say aTm or Texas? He is an Aggie and we play Texas in two years. My money is on one of them instead of Gus.