Chad Morris team

Showed itself for the first time. Got a little conservative in the passing game with some shorter passes and runs, but started back with some downfield stuff later in the half. Over all a Chad Morris game. You do you CM! Keep it up. 50+ is real football.

Starkel is a vertical passer, threw some beautiful passes today.

Signs of a fearless Offense!

Where the ball goes is up to the quarterback, if he sees double coverage down the field, he’s going to check it down. That’s not the play called, it’s the reaction to coverage. Gas, I heard a reporter say that the play calling got conservative in the second quarter. I didn’t think it did at all. I thought the execution from the quarterback position wasn’t as good. In other words, he missed some throws. A pass that is deflected at the line of scrimmage could be an aggressive call, it just didn’t get executed. I thought the play calling was good for four quarters. Starkel missed a throw deep that was an aggressive call. Because it didn’t work doesn’t mean it wasn’t an aggressive vertical call that was set up beautifully.

I am just glad to see him execute more to his strength and the teams strength. Miss a easy short throw as well.

As Starkel said during the on the field interview, we left points out there. His 1st start as a Hog, he’ll get better.

No doubt he will get better. That’s the exciting part. He had a great game! When you score like a CM team is capable of ( near half a hundred) getting better is exciting when you leave points on the field after such a great game. Could have easily been much better. Easily. Next week should be left lane hammer down even more.

Yep. Sometimes the QB goes conservative, maybe that’s what happened (or entered the QB’s thinking). Either Trey was going to catch it, or no one was.

But, Trey’s been showing that he’s worth gambling on (ie, throwing it up for grabs). Just underscores that Starkel needs to grow confidence, too (maybe an outcome of being #2 until this game).

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Not sure if u and Clay are talking about Trey Knox or Treylon Burks. If it’s the “overthrow” to Burks, the TV announcer pointed out on a replay that the throw was probably perfect. The replay showed Burks was grabbed and held momentarily as he was passing the defender.

Actually, the announcer was wrong. That’s a throw that you do NOT have to lead the receiver. He’s 10 yards past him, or going to be. You put some air under it and a bit to the middle of the field and let the receiver coast into it. Don’t lead him by that much on a play in which he’s beating the DB by that much. I disagree with the announcer.

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I think the defender jacked the route up no question, but he had time to make a better throw anyway. But that’s the beauty of this real CM offense, a few misses or mistakes doesnt mean you go into the fetal position, or it won’t cost you the game, it should have been and will be forgiving. Keep slinging it, and he did. Plus they will continue to get better.

Probably. But, what I liked is our true frosh were doing their thing against mostly 4 year guys or seniors. Not a bad performance.

These are quality FR, good thing is they will continue to get better, the best thing is he is forced to use them just because of where the program is right now. He went all in with them yesterday. I saw no fear in how he used them yesterday. CM, JMHO, I thought, had a little careful spell there for a moment, and we had a few unnecessary plays, but again, over all, he came out and put them in a situation to be very talented. From jump, he was slinging it fearlessly. I liked it.