Chad Morris & staff

In layman terms did CCM and staff bring any possible game changers to sign today?

Anyone sign because of Chad Morris? The Chief?

How many could we sign and the # we did sign?

Leaving any open slots?

Next to last in the SEC?

What did you expect since Morris was only hired 61 days ago!

PLUS, CCM came in after we had suffered through a few bad years…
Just look at how other coaches in the same situation did…ooops

Scott Frost… - NEB TOP 25 Class
Dan Mullen… - FL TOP 25 Class
Jeremy Pruitt - TN TOP 25 Class
Matt Luke… - OM TOP 30 Class

Those are just the ones I am aware of…there may be more

Nolan is a dang good QB

Boyd is a dang good RB

Woods needs to be a Hatcher type player

2 of those 4 DL need to be players

One of those LB’s needs to be a real player

Those 3 DB’s need to produce

If all these hopes materialise this class will not come back to haunt us in 2 to 3 years.

Frost- signed a full class.

Mullen- went to a school built in a recruiting hot bed hat has won the east 2 out of the last 4 years.

Pruitt- just won a NC at a school that has always recruited really well.

Luke- has had several years to build relationship with kids, still not sure how they pulled a top 30 class but we know how they operate.

It’s not apples to apples. … ight-dire/