Chad Morris spoke to

a parent of a player over the phone recently and this parent was ready to go hit someone. The parents talked about Morris’ high energy. Called Morris “legit”.

Can you clarify what you mean by the parent was “ready to go hit someone”? :?:

I don’t get this post, RD.

Could it be the parent was excited, er pumped? Shhhhzzz.

CM got the recruit’s parents so fired up even THEY are ready to take the field and play for him. :!:

Yeah, I got it after I posted. At first I just read it wrong :oops:

hope it’s the parent of a 5 star linebacker

Or, that the parent has some eligibility left!


Several of my old football coaches like to say “go out there and hit somebody” when they were trying to inspire us to be physical. I think this quote means “the parent was a former football player and HE was so fired up after talking to Morris that HE wanted to go hit somebody!” That is a good thing. Very good. :sunglasses:

may have been the Red Bull

In other words, they wanted to put on pads and helmet and play for him.