Chad Morris said

“We’re going to get the best DC in the country.” when addressing the team this afternoon.

Let the rumors begin. Many will say that’s BV.

I hope so, whoever that may be. His defense has concerned me. All of this high power offense talk is fine, but you cannot win without defense.

I hope so, whoever that may be. His defense has concerned me. All of this high power offense talk is fine, but you cannot win without defense.
[/quote]Can’t be worse than what our former HC, former DL, fashioned for our Hogs.

But what about getting good recruits to handle the defense that he draws up?

Hope he’s not making promises already that he can’t keep.

When does he announce Venables?

I know he’s coaching in playoffs but surely we don’t wait until mid January to announce him,

That would be awesome

He could announce his plans and still stay on at Clemson until after the CFP. Kirby Smart did that before he took the Georgia HC job.

Let’s do this!


Tap the brakes

Coach speak
Rallying cry for the team
Supporting whoever the guy actually is

If Brent Venables leaves Clemson to come here I will run around the Fayetteville square wearing a dunce hat

(But would do it happily)

I agree with your post. And, like you, I do not expect Venables to come, but would be thrilled to get him. However, I hope if we do, you’ll be wearing more than just the dunce hat.

Hopefully Chad Morris get the best DC, be it BV or someone else. My worries is that If they have to play the same bunch here, It’s not going to cut it. They better bring some SEC caliber defenders that can put some pressure on opposing QB, and some speed at LB and D-Backs to defend the pass, and some muscle up front to stop the run; non of which our defense could do. His offense probably is going to have more punch, but you know in SEC to win, you have to stop the other guy some on order to outscore them. Just something to worry about.

It’s not going to happen overnight. The defense may get better but it will take time.

Of course whoever he hires will be the best on lots of levels: the best we could get, the best for the system we will run here in Ark, the best as far as I’m concerned, etc. etc.

I can live with that. The best is almost always subjective. My excitement for our future is hinged on Chad Morris, not necessarily on whether he gets the best asst. coach at every position.

Pretty much ch what the crew on SEC Now said

They were not impressed and noted how Arkansas would have to retool with the talent it has

Well heck - Arkansas has major talent issues already or Coach Bret wouldn’t of been going so strong on the Junior College route

Let the retooling rebuilding begin - let’s s see who the DC is

Let’s see what this coach can do

No hype

Just perform - let’s see

At least you didn’t say nekkid. But I would come watch that! BTW Scott, my pictures of you running would not be nearly as good as those you would take. :smiley:

I’m all in

Yeah I was careful to NOT say “only”

I can’t see why Venables would leave what appears to be a great situation at Clemson and make what would be a lateral anywhere. Expect for taking a HC job, it wouldn’t make sense unless there are reasons for him doing so that we are not privy to. Maybe Venables and Morris are really good friends and stay in contact. Maybe Morris is privy to information that would lead him to believe that Venables would leave Clemson and join his staff at Arkansas.

I know that Morris is a intelligent man and understands he will be accountable for things he says in a public forum. The only thing that makes me give in credibility at all to the notion that he may be able to hire Venables is what Richard just said he told the team today. After saying that, if he doesn’t hire a great DC, he’s setting himself up for criticism. He knows that. A statement like that would suggest he has a particular person in mind and feels confident he will get that person. If he doesn’t have a particular person he feels confident he will get then he would have said something like ‘we are going to go out and try to get you the best DC we can get.’ That’s a big difference from what is being reported he said.

It is certainly debatable whether or not Venables is the best DC in the country. If Morris is infact talking specificly about Venables, then it is a smart statement on his part, with the assumption he will infact hire Venables. Label him as such for a number of reasons. Fires up the fans, team, boosters and sends a message to recruits. Regardless if it’s Venables or someone else. It says to me that he has been assured the money will be available for him to hire the best coaches he can. It would seem that the people with the power have finally made a commitment to compete and win in the SEC and it takes money. I think good things are ahead.

Morris and Venables are friends and do keep in contact.

That doesn’t mean BV would come here.

Now, Scott Van Pelt said Matt Patricia, the Patriots DC. Don’t know how I would feel about that.