Chad Morris Pay Question

Are the Razorback Foundation and University on the hook for the difference in Chad Morris’ salary as Auburn’s OC and what we are obligated to pay him? Or, Did I read where we settled with him on a lump sum and parted ways? If we are on the hook for salary difference, then we may have to pony up some more dollars if he gets fired. Currently, it looks like he may not make through this full season.

I’m sure he’s on contract at Auburn as well. Most coordinators are on 2-year deals. If he were to get let go, they’d have to continue to pay him some portion of that.

I’m told he has a 2-year contract at Auburn.

The UA, not the foundation, is the guarantor for Morris’ contract. I don’t think there was any settlement. Arkansas is on the hook to pay up to $2.45 million per year through the end of 2023. Right now that is being mitigated by whatever he makes at Auburn.

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