Chad Morris on the year, events that changed him … ching-hel/

That was a very good article to read. This should be posted at any place sports are played. This man has it figured out. Glad I took the time to read this article.

Special. It is well worth reading.

Coach Morris has won me over. Love his outlook on life and football.

Man I hope he can close the deal.

A good man.

I had been told a lot about those Morris meetings with Malzahn in 2003-04, but did know about other coaches kind of being tutored at the same time.

The story is that Morris came to Springdale playoff games in the Little Rock area two consecutive weeks to watch Malzahn. The first week Springdale defeated Benton, then Springdale lost to Little Rock Central the next week. Morris was so impressed by what he saw the first week that he brought his entire coaching staff the next week.

Fun to get to REALLY know Chad Morris. He is a fly fisher. So he and I have lots of stories to share. Last night when I saw him after his talk there was interest in whether I fished last weekend. I told him I put in a big garden. I think he liked that even more than a fish story. He appreciates hard work. Cool dude.

Visited with Joe Craddock. He’s good dude too. I asked him about Froholdt playing center. He said it’s a matter of cross training the top players and guarding against injuries.

He spoke at the Dallas Razorback Club meeting tonight. I really enjoyed hearing him…he is so upbeat and his optimism is infectious. One tidbit that he offered up is that they are going to move Froholdt to center. Maybe that had already been announced, but it was news to me.

I love to read great stories from Clay like this one. Keep them coming!

He is fine man and I’m praying the Lord will bless his efforts here,we deserve success and so does he…

Hopefully fans don’t give up on him when they struggle the first two years.

I talked to offensive coordinator Joe Craddock about Hjalte Froholdt’s versatility. He’s going to most likely be the left guard. But, they want to have several ready to play center in case of injuries. He’s going to learn to snap this summer. He’s versatile and it will enhance his draft status. But I think Dylan Hays will most likely be the center. That’s what Joe Craddock told me yesterday.

Clay - Thanks for the clarification!

I know I’ll be criticized for this, but I’m not going to read what I’m sure is an interesting, well done, and very informative article about Chad Morris. The reason being is I think articles like this tend to make people emotionally “buy in” to a coach to the point they begin to like him to the point it makes it more difficult to objectively assess performance.

I truly believe Bielema had support from people not based on his accomplishments at Arkansas -there weren’t many - but rather because they had grown to personally like him as a result of watching Being Bielema, reading profiles about him. Many people on this board advocated for one more year and often times did so because they said “ he’s a good man”

When you personally are invested in someone it clouds your thinking and sometimes, even if you don’t realize it, you start putting your affection for that person above the program’s best interests when it becomes apparent things are not going to work out.

This is a big business now as evidenced by coaches with salaries large enough to enable them to buy 13,000 sq ft homes, athletic department staffs the size of a governmental agency, significant donation requirements just to have the right to buy premium tickets, etc. Since it is a big business I’ll treat it as I would other business relationships I have - performance based. So, I’m going to personally evaluate Morris and staff based on results and not what they like to do in their spare time, etc. In short I do not want to be personally or emotionally invested in Coach Morris or his staff. He is not my friend, he’s not my role model, etc. He’s just the man leading a program I’ve loved for 40+ years and do my small part to financially support. I hope he does very well and am optimistic.

I know many love these types of articles and Clay is great at them. He has a real talent for humanizing coaches and giving readers insights in to what makes them tick.

There’s no doubt fans bought in to Bielema the person. Because there’s no way to explain how some wanted to keep him another year, when he, in my mind, was the worst coach to ever coach a Razorback team. Harsh, but true, to me.

I like Chad, like reading about him, but am trying to not get too attached to him because it definitely can fog up the glass when you try and evaluate the job they are doing. I think he’s going to do well.

I was excited by the CBP hire and felt he would take us to the promised land. I didn’t care for him personally but supported him as our coach. But, sadly, his personal failures required his departure.

I was not excited by the CBB hire but hoped his success at WI would translate to the SEC. It did not. I did grow to like him personally, not based on his show but his interaction and clear concern for his players and the improvement in the program other than on the field success. That being said I was definitely in the camp that thought he had to go. He simply wasn’t getting the job done.

I’m somewhat neutral about the CCM hire. I do like his enthusiasm and am impressed by the quality and number of recruits we’re now getting on campus. I have some cautious optimism that this will translate to on the field success. I don’t like nor dislike the man at this point but hope that he can get the job done here and have a long successful tenure.

I guess what I don’t understand is the hatred for a coach that is displayed here sometimes. Just because they weren’t successful doesn’t mean you have hate the man. I’ve worked with many people that I felt should be fired for incompetence but liked them personally. I’ve fired people that I really liked personally but simply weren’t doing the job. I haven’t really known any of the coaches “personally” to be invested in them in that manner. I can like the man but not like the results. The constant berating or praise of a past coach just doesn’t interest me. I’m invested in the program and rooting for the current leadership to make it great. Will they? We simply don’t know yet. We do know that recruiting is the real key.

I think I will no longer read Jackson. His posts might influence my thinking. Wouldn’t want that.

Just kidding.

This is a fantastic line. You can disagree with someone without hating them. I wish more people thought this way.

Agree completely with SD Hog and Matt. I’ve hired people I’ve had to fire. Thought they could get the job done when I hired them; turned out they couldn’t. One comes to mind that was a really super person that just didn’t work out. I think humanizing coaches is not a bad thing because they are humans and deserve to be respected until they show reasons not to be respected. Wins/losses aren’t reasons not to show respect. They are reasons, though, that a coach, even one as likeable as CBB, should be terminated.


Clay - I’m not kidding when I say you do a nice job with articles that take a deep dive in to a subject. Always interesting stuff and I know most like this type of stuff.

I was kidding. Hopefully, you understand that. I respect everyone’s opinion. Thank you for the kind words.