Chad Morris makes offer on home

I don’t have the exact details or the address, but I was told last night that Chad Morris has put in an offer on a Fayetteville home. It’s in the Bridgewater sub division or the “coaches neighborhood” where Bielema, Anderson and Van Horn have homes. It’s a massive place. I’m told it was $4.5 million and 14,000 square feet. I don’t have that information locked down since it’s not a completed sale. But someone who has been in the home several times said it’s beautiful and massive. That would figure.

On another front, Hunter Yurachek did tell me last night that he has yet to buy a home. He’s in the process of making some offers. He’s looked at several and was a day late on pulling the trigger on a couple of homes. Right now, the nice homes in the Fayetteville market last about six hours on the market. People see the homes and offer in the same day. You can almost look for “coming soon” signs and beat everyone to the punch or you won’t be able to make an offer.

This is also the same neighborhood where Bobby Petrino lived.

Yurachek and his wife are putting an offer on a home just off campus. He told me he is looking forward to having a short commute to work after driving 45 minutes one way to his job in Houston.

He just beat us to it. We really liked the house. Oh well.

Damn Richard, I didn’t realize that was your style!
14,000 sq ft. you would rattle around like a BB in a boxcar.

Sounds like homes in Fayetteville are grossly underpriced. Whether you’re asking $100k, $1.0mm or $10mm, 6 hrs on the market says you aren’t asking enough!

There’s only one house in Bridgewater that large, so not hard to figure out. It sat halfway completed for about 4 years.

And I think Petrine lived just outside of Bridgewater, if memory serves. Though I believe it was literally right outside.

My wife and I thought about buying that place, but the yard was just too small.

And, it suddenly becomes apparent that we are overpaying for our subscriptions!

I think you are correct about Petrino’s house not being in the actual neighborhood. It was on Bridgewater Lane, just a few hundred yards from the entrance.

I’ll bet it still is . . . har, har, har . . .

Big house… Fast lane… seems to fit pretty well.