Chad Morris finalizes contract

Here are the details from Morris’ contract: … -arkansas/

No non compete clause in his or for assistant coaches. I find that surprising.

Looks like a good safe contract for us to start with. Now, if Morris comes out and has a really good year, and builds on it next year, we would quickly need to restructure and get that noncompete worked in, as well as a better salary.

I think Morris is going to get some things done here that we have been patiently, and painfully waiting on. If he does, and we see the signs early, I hope we make a smart move to keep him here, and satisfied. We do not need to make the mistake we made with bielema however, so too soon, or not enough success is the key.

If he gets 7 or more this year, I’d crack a nice grin. If in year two we are at 9, I’d want to extend him.

6 or less this year, and 6-8 next year, don’t move on it.

The no-compete clauses were a Jeff Long thing. Bret Bielema liked it and began to ask for it in all of his assistants’ contracts, especially after Sam Pittman left for Georgia.

I do not think that is something you will see as much under Hunter Yurachek.

I thought all the assistants had non-compete except Pittman (for some reason) and Pittman assured Bielema he wasn’t going anywhere and Bielema let it slide… which ultimately cost him his job, IMO (and thankfully).

That said, I think it’s a mistake to not include them in the contracts (what downside have we seen?) - and I bet Hunter figures that out after we’ve get burned a time or two.

The first batch of assistant coaches did not have no-compete clauses. The first assistant coach that I remember having it was Robb Smith. Then it was written into the contracts of all of the assistants in subsequent years.

The downside to having those clauses is that it will limit your candidate pool. There are a number of coaches who do not want to work with that stipulation.