Chad Morris + Brent Venables

I had posted this question on another topix…but had read this somewhere and wondering if there any truth to the rumors that Chad is trying to get good buddy Brent Venables here as DC and assistant head coach. If so, thinking that would be awesome resulting in stellar recruiting on both sides of the ball. Rumor is they would pay him 2+ million per year to accept. Love to know what any of you are hearing. Lots of false stories and speculation flying around out there.

I know if you read some other SEC boards the trolls are coming out of the woodwork on this story.

Everyone hearing the same rumors…

Would be great if true but seems highly unlikely

You never know. Venables may not be content with his job at Clemson. The chance to take on a new challenge and work with a friend, plus being closer to family might be what he wants. He will be paid well regardless.