Chad Morris and the Smashmouth Spread

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GREAT find! Thanks so much for sharing.

With all our young skill talent returning on offense, we already have many pieces in place to properly run this scheme.

The more I read on Morris, the more convinced I am that he is a very good hire for us with a lot of potential upside. Consider me sold on the guy!

I wonder if Ty Storey will be the QB on campus that is the most suited to Morris’ offense?

I am happy as can be that we hired him. He is an ICON of Texas HS football. He gets beat up for a 7-5 record but everyone forgets that he was at a PRIVATE school with a 28 ACT min for entry. He also took over a 1-11 team and turned it around with a bunch of high GPA athletes.

I am happy with the hire. Of all the names, he was the candidate I was the most impressed with once I began to research him/ Part of that, I’ll admit, is I live in Charleston SC and know alot (and I mean ALOT) of Clemson fans that think the world of Morris. He seems to have integrity and personality. Those are important to me.

I will miss Bret thoughWhat a personality. Anyone know if he has moved away? Or is he still in Fayetteville. I was so impressed he offered to help in any way. I bet he and Morris get along. Just a hunch though.

Bumping this to the top.

Already read that Morris “emphasizes passing” in the article discussing his hire. That’s not totally accurate. Unless you just like to say the word “passing.” His teams at Clemson…which is what I suspect he wants to do long term once he gets talent…was about 55/45% run/pass. Almost the same as Enos, actually. He does it different obviously. But Morris describes his own offense as a power running offense. Again…his offense is really similar to Gus. With his own tweaks obviously. I obviously post alot about my belief in running the ball. But I loved the article I posted above…and like the idea of option football (of a new sort) returning to Fayetteville.