Chad Morris and staff

are at the Mercer Super Camp.

A name to remember is 2020 WR Ze’Vian Capers of Denmark HS in Alpharetta, Ga. He has offers from Clemson and Louisville.

He’s at the camp with his head coach Terry Crowder, who’s a Fort Smith native and UA grad. Elton Ford played for Terry as did Barron Dixon, who some of you might remember. He was recruited by Petrino and staff but ended up at Vandy.

Terry found Morris and they had a good talk.

I would put Capers on the offer watch list.

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Do you know if Crowder is related to the legendary former baseball coach at Westark (which is now the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith)?

While we’re at it, is either of them related to former WR/Special teams ace Tom Crowder?

No, but he knew his son David. They were pretty close.

Nope. Not related.

Thanks, R.D. I knew about David but couldn’t remember if that was his only son or not.

No problem.

Capers received his offfer today. Fully expect him to visit at some point.

Capers plans to visit for the Alabama game.

He has offers from Clemson, Louisville, South Carolina, Georgia Tech, and Arkansas.

In addition to Crowder, who’s an Arkansas native, former Hog DL Patrick Jones is also on the staff.

You never know what will happen when you post an update.

The magical mystical Richard Davenport everyone! Boy were you spot on with this incredibly earlier report my friend! Keep the good run up lol!!!

I make posts like this often. You never know what will happen in the end. That’s why I said what I did.

That’s all.

He’s been posting a lot of stuff with Georgia Tech lately. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if he makes it to the Hill.

He and his dad arrive in Fay today and will leave Sunday. Denmark’s staff is on the Hill until Sunday.

Sweet…I hope that he’s solid. That will definitely help if he’s not. Thanks Richard!