Chad Morris and his playsheet

Did you see it? You can tell the guy was a school teacher. It looked like Cliff Notes. The thing was 3 feet long. He must have every play he ever thought of on that board. Most coaches have one about the size of a piece of notebook paper. This thing Chad had was big enough to list all of Charlie Sheen’s ex-girlfriends on it.

This seems rather nitpicky. Watch an NFL game and check out what the play callers are holding. Most look like restaurant menus.

Exactly, this is just another emotional post, not a very good criticism imo.

He is making $4 million a year. He can handle the criticism. Actually, for you guys it was only an observation. His play sheet was 3 feet long. It was actually meant to be funny, but poor Chad has been chastised and castigated so much for not being able to install his offense…then you see this play sheet a mile long and it just looked funny. No wonder the guy can’t get his offense installed.

So you are saying he was one play short on his installation for today. Hopefully that additional play can be installed and polished in the next two weeks.:smiley: