Chad Morris accepts Ark Head coaching job Tuesday Night Wants Brent

[color=#FF0000]CBS Sports 3.30AM … vp-BBGhnNN

READ THIS. IF we pull this OFF as I have always said SPEND THE MONEY

BRENT Venables
Remember Chad and him are friends
[b<strong><COLOR color="#FF0000">[color=#FF0000]]As if that’s not enough FootballScoop reported that Morris will target former Clemson colleague Brent Venables to serve as his defensive coordinator. (Full disclosure: I also work for FootballScoop.)

[/color]Actually, when I was in college I had 2 friends that roomed together next door from me. One from Houston Texas and one from Dallas. Both graduated from the UofA. Both are Razorback fans. They do know Chad Morris and my friend after graduation from Dallas went on to get additional hours for his job at SMU.

Southern Methodist University (SMU) is a private university in Dallas, University Park, and Highland Park, Texas. And as we know in 1987 the bomb dropped on SMU.
Great reads from Wiki (LOL Swine) Might give some insight to SMU and our younger fans!!

SMU, … University
And the death penalty, and a good read from
Southern Methodist University football scandal
The Southern Methodist University football scandal (also known as Ponygate) was an incident in which the football program at Southern Methodist University was investigated and punished for massive violations of NCAA rules and regulations. The most serious violation was the maintenance of a slush fund used for “under the table” payments to players from the mid-1970s through 1986.

Something cool is the The Doak Walker Award is an annual collegiate award given to the nation’s “most outstanding college running back” for his accomplishments on the field, achievement in the classroom and citizenship in the community. It was established in 1989 and is named after SMU Heisman Trophy winner Doak Walker.[63] In 1998, the PwC Doak Walker Legends Award was created, recognizing an individual whose extraordinary collegiate football career has been bolstered by an exemplary record of leadership in the community.[64]

FOR full disclosure on my part I didn’t bring this up going with another soursc or good friend, Whatever.
Both my friends have texted me and said Chad Morris would be a great Hire. Impressed to say the least.

The SMU friend texted and said FORGET the crazy money on the GUS BUS, go get Chad and Boom you’re in Texas, He texted me before CBB was gone and said Chad Morris. But SMU doesn’t really wants to lose him. SEC is a huge selling point. Reports linking him to the Mississippi & Tennessee jobs have been in that crazy rumor mill.

Maybe with an AD now we’re in better shape of those 2. LOL

MAYBE WE ARE GOING TO BE IN A much better position than I thought. That’s it all the TEXT info I have had that are from people I trust. Maybe

Told ya I have worked hard to help the Razorback Nation. 1 MORE story to follow. AS WE all know this can change tomorrow, LOL REALLY!!




Read above. SPEND the money…

Wiki NOW

Thoughts ??

Get him here ASAP!!

Cut down on press conferences… :smiley:

“Chad Morris will do great things at Arkansas.” I like that final comment on the CBS report!

Milles ahead of you guys but like again nobody posted.


But Hogmodo you did!

Clay I’m signing off.
Put together that thread and beffore I go to bed CBS has that storty out.

And then hours later we have an offical statement?


Well, I was right all along. 12/5/2017 Last night as everyone sleeps. BUT not 339!!

[color=#FF0000]See the date of signed contract. 12/5/2017

Baked, still time to have that presser.
O Matt was wrong all along…

Maybe you should start your own website…

That wasn’t very nice sir.

Don’t know what Matt was wrong about. He said he would not put out info that could not be confirmed, which is what professionals should do.
I don’t recall Matt having to eat crow on the "Gragg to Arkansas " report, our the "Gus is coming " reports that some people on here kept putting out. Just saying. :oops: