Chad does not equal Gus.

As much as I am not a Gus fan…Gus would have not thrown a pass in this game if he didn’t have to…he would’ve just lined up and run faster. Chad didn’t learn everything he could’ve from mr auburn.

Chad needs some patience. We got plenty of chunk plays on the ground. I know he likes to take shots, but if your grinding them, don’t let up.

I think chads stuck in the wrong risk zone. At SMU he needed to take risks to win 50-48 games. At Clemson he had a defense to cover risk taking. At arkansas he needs lower risk taking when you have the advantage. He has athletes better than Colorado state and didn’t need to take shots. And he doesnt have a Clemson defense to bail him out the entire game.

Sounds like you think he had a good ground game going and should have been “hammer down” until forced to do otherwise. Imagine that! If the other guys are giving up a ground attack by us, keep running what is working until they can stop it and then go to the alternatives. Peddle to the metal. Don’t let up. Same thing on defense. Challenge their offense. Don’t give any cushion. Play to win on both sides of the ball. Playing not to loose is not “hammer down” and does not bring out ones best effort…

I don’t want him to be like Gus. Gus is an opportunist who will only go into a situation where he has an advantage. From all accounts, Gus was offered this job and refused because he knew it would be a long rebuild. I respect Morris for a lot of reasons and one of those reasons is that he took a chance to come here knowing that we didn’t have the personnel to run his offense. I’ll take Morris over Malzahn everyday of the week and twice on Sunday.

This is one of the reasons I will be more patient with Morris. The other is that he is the perfect guy to get us back into Texas.

Make no mistake I don’t want Chad to be Gus.

I’m a Chad fan, but he should’ve put the hammer down to the point of obviously no longer working. He needs to win all of the games he can for confidence building this year, and so far neither of these qbs have proven they have passing game command…so run it with the collection of backs and don’t take shots or even throw it when you don’t need to. That was a patience or over confidence mistake.

I get we will have to develop a passing game. We will not line up and just run over SEC teams like we did CSU. But practicing passing to gain competency is not a good trade for a confidence and momentum destroying loss. We should have pummeled them for 500 on the ground and practiced passing on Monday. By the way I don’t expect that aspect of our offense to get significantly better this year, so you better take every victory you can get.

Agree 100%

So, everybody wants Chad over Gus now huh? Does anybody think there was a chance in hell of Gus losing that game Saturday night? We would have scored at least 50 and won going away. You can be mad at Gus, as I am too, but to say that your first choice of a head coach between Chad or Gus would be Chad is just nonsense.

I despise Gus for using us to get more money at Auburn, but I’d forgive him in a heart beat and take him tomorrow as our head coach. He’s one of very few coaches out there that would turn this program around quickly.

Excellent! Agreed! In my view, CM is a quality person as well as a good football coach. Can’t say the same for Malzahn. Chad will build it

I completely agree, Harley. Of course, it doesn’t matter. I used to be a Gus fan until he jacked us around last year when he didn’t come here. I am over Gus, but he would’ve won that game. The guy is one of the best coaches in college football. I have a wait and see attitude on Coach Morris. He reminds me a little of Houston, but his ability to recruit Texas may be his ace in the hole.

You don’t know that. This is the problem I’m having with some of the logic being used, this “what if” logic. “If Gus or ASU played this game, then the result would have been different.” How do you know? You can’t speculate like that because there is nothing to suggest the outcome would have been different.

And you can call me whatever you want, but yes, I don’t want Gus ever as our coach and I most likely never will.

Gus sometimes has the same problem as a previous Auburn coach, Tommy T. Both sometimes can’t help but try to show everyone they are the smartest football person in the stadium. It’s cost Gus games and it cost Tommy T. games. I’m hoping that Chad Morris settles in to something similar to what he ran at Clemson.