CH 5-lite into them

A Ch 5 guy helped me at the press conference.Then ripped Channel 5

Well I know this should be dropped.And Ken Huge was great (Back in the day). Well I lite into a producer and left a message for Rick to call me back. Did not cuss. But I take offense in any man or woman to be dis-respectful to our new Head coach. I’m sure coach is probably older and should respect our elders. I ID’ed Myeself as Mike Tucker and address. Bragged on them as a station but this takes the cake.

Mike Tucker

PS- I don’t care if times have changed

Any thoughts on me calling Ch 5.

And it was not nice. No cussing but ripped them


Ch 5 is owned by Tegna Inc. in VA. Yes I did call them.8350 Broad St Suite VA