CFP won't expand until 2026

Lots of obstacles preventing unanimous agreement which would have been required to expand now,

So we’ll get a whole bunch of Bama, Georgia, Ohio State, Oklahoma and Notre Dame in January for four more years.

You would think that all the conferences whose initials are not SEC would find a way to make expansion happen sooner. The SEC, of course, is doing just fine under the current system.

The other conferences are only hurting themselves.

Agreed. SEC is doing just fine with the current model. Big 12 and Pac 12 aren’t, and ACC won’t if Clemson doesn’t right the ship. Yet Big Ten wants guaranteed spots for all the Power 5 leagues.

Soooo sick of the Big Ten…in every sport.


Yep, I have felt that way for fifty years.


Clearly they have forgotten nothing is guaranteed in this life but clearly they are trying to change that lol. Can’t stand them!

Is the B1G (as a conference) similar to the tea-sippers? The other conferences are supposed to kowtow to them?

That’s what they, and the East Coast media seem to believe.

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