CFP top 4 teams

We all knew it’d be 1. Alabama & 2. Clemson. I’m not surprised that tOSU is #3, although I understand arguments about them only playing 6 games. However, I think A&M deserved that 4th spot over N.D.

I’m livid right now.

I’m an Arkansas fan, but I also just love college football.

Tell me: why are the FBS teams that are not in a power 5 conference even playing? They have NOTHING to play for. I’m not saying Cincinnati doesn’t get blown out by 70. I watched the Georgia vs. Hawaii game at my friend’s house in Atlanta; it wasn’t pretty. But, there was excitement about the possibility of the upset. At least we could have had a week or two of interest in what might happen.

I have zero interest in seeing Notre Dame get its butt handed to them yet again. None.

I did not think the BCS was perfect, but I really didn’t want this stupid playoff because I knew this was going to happen. There is no mechanism to get these other teams in, so they just won’t let them in.

It’s not good for college football. Someone in the FBS needs to bring litigation. This is ridiculous.


I’d like to see a playoff with a guarantee that all Power 5 conference champions are included, as well as the highest-ranked team from a Group of Five conference. Get rid of the independents to eliminate that part of the discussion.

Whether it’s six teams or eight teams, it doesn’t matter to me, but there have been multiple undefeated/one-loss Group of Five teams through the years who proved their worth against a good team in the bowl game, and might shown well in the playoff if given the chance.


What gets me is ND is in basically because they played 11 games. Yea they barely beat a Lawrenceless Clemson then got smashed by Lawrence.
Ohio St gets in by playing nobody and only 6 games. Which I’m thinking was planned by the Big 10 and the way they balked and then decided to start late with no way to makeup games missed for COVID, so they could get their team in by playing minimul games and basically a cakewalk.

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Sounds reasonable to me.

Ever since college football began, the bottom teams have nothing to play for. At least if that means winning the NC is the only thing worth playing for. By your standard, though, the Razorbacks have nothing to play for next year. Our chance to win it all is only theoretical. It stops being theoretical for any team once it loses its second game.

One thing I hate about playoffs is that it cheapens every game that doesn’t have playoff-national championship implications. Bowls don’t matter, conference championships for the MAC, Sunbelt, AAC, Mountain West don’t matter. Why do FCS teams play at all? Their “national championship” isn’t a national championship.

Worst still, is that regular season losses don’t matter unless they eliminate a team from the playoff. Does it matter who wins the Egg Bowl, Iron Bowl, the Boot, or Paul Bunyan’s Axe? To me, those are the things that make college football unique & great.

I’ve got nothing against declaring a national champion, but I think the idea that the season-end tournament is the only thing that really counts is a bad one.

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I agree. 8 teams, all five P5 conference winners, the top G5 winner and the top 2 others would be my choice anyway.

I’m just glad A&M didn’t get in, although I think they deserved to be the #4 team rather than ND. The aggies got screwed but hey, couldn’t have happened to a better bunch.


If there’d been an 8-team bracket this year, Cincy would be in, but there isn’t always a G5 team that good. Last year the highest G5 school was Memphis at #17. You gonna give a spot to Tiger High and leave out a Wisconsin or Baylor, who were 8 and 7 last year? I wouldn’t.

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That’s a bye for the No. 1 seed. That would be a huge break.

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I get it. No system of automatic qualifiers can be perfect. Is the goal to get the top 8? If so, no one gets in automatically, not the winners of the P5 conferences.

If you take the 5 P5 winners, the best G5 team (gives them something to play for and they may be better than we think, they almost play in different worlds so hard to say for sure) and 2 at large to get anyone left out, you are going to get at least the best 4 and probably the best 6 or 7.

If we were to go to 8, I still wouldn’t give the top G5 team an automatic bid. I’d let one in if they were one of the 3 best at large teams.

I could live with that, I like giving the best G5 team an automatic bid, but, I get the argument against it.

As I recall, the old BCS would consider a G5 school for a BCS bowl if they were in the top 12, or in the top 16 and ranked higher than one of the P6 league champions (Big East was then a P6 conference). I could see a top-12 Coastal Carolina getting in, if it were the top G5 school, but not #17 Memphis last year. And Coastal is ranked higher than Pac 12 winner Oregon (#25).

I like it the way it is now. They usually get it right and there will always be a debate over 4-5-6, or 8-9-10 for that last spot. This would have been the one year it might have been okay to make an exception and do eight, due to the circumstances.

What you have to consider is that once you add another round, now you most likely have to go to home sites for the higher seeds. So do you do those 1 vs 8 games instead of Conf Championship games or maybe the week after. To be fair, you would still need time to allow that 8 seed an opportunity to go to a good bowl game after losing. No one wants to be Cincinnati and play a road game in Tuscaloosa, get drilled and have your season end while meanwhile the number 9 team that was left out is in the middle of a month’s worth of extra practice and spending a week on a beach in South Florida collecting swag and travel money.

You really can’t add another round of bowl games to the playoff mix either. They aren’t really bowl games. How many fans are going to travel to three separate playoff bowl games, with short notice in between. You would be playing in stadiums that look almost as empty as this year.

The further you expand, the more you devalue the regular season games and the other bowl games. And I happen to like the bowl system and the way it’s unique to college football instead of just copying the NFL and other sports.

So it’s easy to say expand and go to 8 or however many, but there are a lot of other variables involved that many fail to consider.

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Notre Dame is still better than A&M or OU getting in.

If there was ever a year that a Group of 5 team could sneak in, this would be it. Alas, not even with covid did the selection committee think it plausible.

There’s no perfect system. Never has been, never will be. But the system that exists generates plenty of interest in the sport… just look at the various emotions in this thread.

Maybe not in the majority here, but I like the current system enough to be content. I’m personally not interested in watering down the playoff with 1 or more teams that are obviously not on the level of the top 2 or 3. Certainly not interested in giving the “group of 5” a playoff spot every year. You don’t want to see ND play Alabama but you’d be ok if someone else gets destroyed by the Tide? (A&M already had their chance… didn’t go well. Cincinnati probably couldn’t beat Oklahoma or Florida, much less Alabama).

I’m fine with whomever from whatever conference getting into the CFP… as long as the best 4 are chosen. To me, way more often than not the committee gets it right by ranking the best 4. I think they did this time too.

Just let Notre Dame and Ohio St. play each other in a bowl somewhere.
Everybody knows Alabama should be playing Clemson for the National Championship!
These two teams should not be forced to play a game against a questionable 3 and 4 to get to the Finals. Saban and Dabo should be, and who could blame them for being ticked that they have to play semi final games against such lesser opponents.
1 should play 2 period!

All non power 5 schools should break away from the NCAA and have their own championship. To heck with the gutless power of the system. If they expanded the playoff to 8 or even 12 teams they would play the system for the big schools. Group of 5 teams don’t stand a chance to ever get in.

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