CFP ranking and bowls

No, we’re not going to be in the CFP top 12 and make the New Year’s Six bowls. But after the three SEC teams in the top 12 are assigned, we’re next at #22. And that could send us to Orlando (Citrus) if they assign it based on the CFP ranking.

The Citrus Bowl doesn’t have any criteria to follow in selecting teams. It will be Arkansas, Kentucky or Texas A&M, I’m sure, but it won’t be because of wins or rankings — it’ll be based on the team the Citrus Bowl reps think is the most deserving to be there this year.

So they might take the highest ranked for TV purposes, or just the one that they think will bring the most fans. Or whatever.

That’s how I understand it. Kentucky was there three years ago, so I don’t know if that recency plays a factor at all. I think most bowls try to space out appearances by each team.

Arkansas has not been to the Citrus since 2006. Texas A&M has never played in that bowl and I’m sure Aggies would travel well.

They may bypass aggies to keep their sheep from grazing on the grass.

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