CFP picture much clearer

There’s a reasonable chance we know the four playoff teams already, although conference championship games could throw in a monkey wrench.

Georgia is in whether they beat LSU or not, but certainly they should roast the Corndogs comfortably.

Probably ditto Michigan and TCU, but they’d be safer to win Saturday and remove all doubt.

USC is probably in if they beat Utah in the PTCG.

Ohio State is on the outside looking in after that beatdown at home by a team lacking its best offensive threat. The backup RB went for 200+, which might suggest that it ain’t the RB, it’s the line blocking for him for the most part (although they sure weren’t catching him from behind on those two long runs).

I can’t see any two-loss teams getting in. Even if Georgia, Michigan, TCU and USC all lose, there would be four teams with one loss (UGa, U-M, TCU and the Suckeyes). So Bama will just head to Nawlins and Penn State will go to Miami or Dallas or somewhere. And Clemson just demolished themselves with a lot of help from the Poultry.

Assuming above, is this the first round playoff games??
GA and USC
Mi and TCU

If TCU loses, I’m not convinced they would still be in.

Depends on the exact order we get Tuesday, but that seems to be a likely arrangement.

OSU needed ND to upset…but imo they deserve the 4th spot if either tcu or loses.


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