CFP game thread

Pretty much. I have a good friend who is a UGA alum, and this is what I said. If they can grab a dynamic qb from the portal, they can probably win one.

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It’s almost shocking that with all the 5 stars Georgia has, QB isn’t one of them. How does that even happen?

Absolutely not.

Ga should be running and passing that replacement corner back into next week. Bama will attack your weakness until you stop it. Pickens is one deep threat with tight end being Bama focus. They should be throwing to him like Briles did with Burks. Talent is great but not if you do not maximize it. 9-6 at half time is sad reflection of best two teams yearly performance.

If they get time, maybe they will. I do not see Pickens out there every play. He may not can go every play.

They have a 5* QB recruited last year. But a 2 star is starting this year & now.
Another 5* QB coming in 2022.

Makes me glad we are building around KJ. QB is Georgia’s Achilles Heel this year. Still hope they win tonite.

Blocked field goal was big for Ga. Time for Ga to give the #2 guy some snaps. They cannot overcome all this first down negative plays. They are going to stay with Bennet it seems

Not sure the # 2 guy for GA ready to be thrown into a game of this magnitude.
Bama’s offense got out a little out of sync in the passing game after losing their top receiver.
Reps matter.

I hear you. #2 was starter before Arkansas game and got injured. Better arm but not runner than Bennet is. Bennet is turnover waiting to happen against Bama.

And Bama getting back in sync just like that.

I hope they play several OT’s. With a 1 point game now that may be difficult to are though. It’s nice to see the Bama QB get knocked around!

That’s a typical play by Bennet. Poor judgment is common fault of his.

An amazing TD throw by Young. Running full speed to his right and throws a strike back to his left just past the goal line.

Bennet comes back!

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Ga. Finally went after the corner and got couple big plays. Bama has no replacements for him. Keep attacking him.

Yep great TD throw by Bennett. Answered Youngs great TD throw.

Yep but the coverage wasn’t bad the CB didn’t turn on the ball & heck of a catch to

Ga could hurt that Bama rush with these backs and running some screens

If GA’s ever going to beat Bama, it should be tonight. Bama has lost both their #1 and #2 receivers.