CFP game thread

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I don’t think GA has a dynamic enough QB to pull this off, but I hope I’m wrong.

I really wish singers would understand that the Star Spangled Banner is not a dirge.


Couldn’t agree more.

Nobody sang The Anthem better than Whitney. That is all.


She was fantastic, but I prefer Larry Shank.

SEC officials are too inept to work this game apparently.

True, but then again, conference officials don’t work their conference teams games in the post-season.

Wish they didn’t work them during the regular season, lol.


Why wasn’t the sack/incomplete pass intentional grounding? In the tackle box and clearly just trying to avoid a sack. Refs worried about fumble vs pass… if it’s a pass it’s grounding.

Announcers said Young was throwing at someone’s feet. Didn’t catch the name but if it was lineman then could have been intentional grounding if a RB or WR then no. I’m guessing here

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Not familiar with Larry Shank. Was he a kicker?:rofl:

He was the PA guy at Baum Stadium for years and years. He was also a wonderful singer.

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I’m watching ESPN2 with commentary by Jimbo and his staff. They said he threw it at the feet of the RB. They complimented Young on such a heads up and smart play to find and throw at the RB rather than a lineman, thus avoiding the intentional grounding call.

Bennett just isn’t elite. KJ and Burks carved this Bama D up.

Heads up play indeed. Heisman play.

There are some big and fast humans on that field tonight.

The game just changed if Williams is out. If GA can’t win it now they don’t deserve to ever win it.

That knee bent the wrong way. Not good.

Should Williams have opted out?