CFP expansion possibilities

Dude. Playoff games get a lot more viewers than run of the mill bowl games. Like 15 million to 2 million. And suddenly the playoff inventory goes from 3 games to 11? And they can keep that away from Fox, Amazon, CBS and everybody else.

Eight more teams adds eight games. He’s correct. A 12 team tournament is 11 games instead of 3.

Any evidence that Arkansas fans not watching Clemson v Bama VII is bad for the game of football?

And I promise I am not trying to be argumentative. That is just a statement I hear all the time about certain things and when asked for specifics nobody can name anything.

Lets say the playoff goes to 12.

Do you think the regular season gets shortened by a game?

I should not have made my remarks in any case I apologize.

I hate the idea of a 12 team playoff, but I have no doubt that’s where we’re heading. I agree this constant Clemson-Alabama deal gets old, but I’m not sure that’s gonna change with 12 teams in the playoff. It probably just means they’ll have to win extra games to get to the championship.

Either way, the regular season gets shortened (i’m okay with that) & cheapened a bit more. Bowl games probably disappear. Maybe all that’s a good thing, but I don’t think I’ll like it. We’re going to have two NFL’s. One will be associated with colleges. The other with cities.

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The 4 non-semi CFP bowls this year (Peach, Cotton, Orange, and Fiesta) averaged about 7 mln viewers. And they all pretty well matched up what could have been teams 5-12 of the CFP rankings.

Orange: A&M vs UNC
Cotton: OU vs Fla
Peach: Cincy vs UGA
Fiesta: ISU vs Oregon (as PAC-12 champ)

I wouldn’t expect viewership of those games to go to 15 mln just because they are part of the playoff. They are already good games between good teams. And those are the ones that would be included in an expanded playoff…it wouldn’t be the Belk Bowl.

Now, say those 4 games got shifted instead to the Gator, Outback, Alamo, and Citrus, because the round of 8 would be bumped into those 4 CFP rotations instead.

I’ll be generous and say each those 8 games double their viewership. That gets you about 50 million extra viewers.

If you cut a week out of the season, you’re likely losing 50 million viewers from those games. It’s probably not a net addition, so no reason for ESPN to have to pay more.

We certainly don’t need more than 4 teams to determine the national title.

And as tired as I am of the usual subjects…they are the best teams year after year.

So if we are going to go to eight I expect them to add the next best 4 teams…so at least one more sec team every year leaving 3 to select. So maybe a pac 12 will get in, etc and we can watch the Bamas Clemsons Ohio states beat up on another team before they eventually play the same title game.

If we want more parity they would need something closer to the draft in college football which isn’t going to happen.

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I can see how people are tired of it just being Bama and OHIO St etc

Not sure we will be able to recognize College football soon with players being paid etc

and a 64 Game playoff

But I’m all in for it to be more than Bama and Clemson or Ohio St every year

I like it

I agree and I think THAT would hurt Arkansas football

What’s going to change?

What will change is players will be paid based on their individual success - post recruitment.

So if they think their likeness potential would be higher if they got more touches, playing time, or promotion by the university for some reason there will be more pressure to leave, whine at the coaches, complain about the university or other players.

It will be closer to the dynamics of the NFL ecosystem than the college one today.

Think it’s pretty obvious it will change the current dynamic.

But how will it change the game on Saturdays?

Players whine now about touches and playing time.

Maybe its the Football I started watching in 1964 when I really became a Razorback fan

Change comes

Maybe I was protected and all the players were being paid then and I just didn’t know it

From the 60’s- 80’s an education seemed to be enough payment

I think football started going wrong when it started going Thug Like in the late 80’s

I remember being on the 40 yard line in 1965 at War Memorial and a TAMU player put a smashing hit on a Razorback player and the Arkansas Crowd - Clapped and Yelled “Good Hit” and cheered the Razorback player as he got up

Simpler times I guess

In 1989 - home from the Army on leave I took my 10 year old son to a game in War Memorial and sat in a similar location - I think it was the 30 yard line

The amount of cursing was horrible - I say that as a professional Soldier - I think we were playing the Texas Miners - This wasn’t a war zone and people were not dying but the language told me I was in with indiscipline morons - Not what I wanted my Son to be exposed to - not like the warriors he knew at our Unit.

Just consider me a sentimental Older Man - that misses both when Arkansas was Great and When the Fans and players were too

In 1964 on the Razorbacks were my hero’s and and I sensed they cared about the State - at least they said so on radio, TV and in the papers

There was a change that bothered me in the 2000’s when players worried less about how they represented the state and more about what Uniform style they would wear - they were the best dress looser’s on the field - I whish they worried as much about the Name on the Uniform - The Arkansas on the Front means something and the name on the Back represented a Family Name

they seemed less connected to the fans and the state and more about what it was for them

Now I do understand - fans have created some of the separation like the FAT Razorback fan who I saw in 1989 who could pack a footlong hot dog in his mouth (one upon the other) as he yells and curses a Arkansas Receiver for “Dropping the ball” on a pass - when that Fat man could never step on the field and live a minute under the pressure that Highly Tuned Physical Arkansas Receiver was doing.

Or the thugs that burned up QB Allen’s truck

Those were not the fans of my youth

Now we are paying players - or agranging way they can be paid for how well they play for Arkansas - we are looking more and more like Semi Pro not the college teams I remember

But - I also remember when taking the Oath of Office and Enlistment really meant something too

and people didn’t disrespect the flag because their were enough of us that put people under it to send them home

Please forgive my sentimental journey

It is what it is and I’m sure it will work out alright

After all - my time is past

But - let me say this

I have some Hope Coach Pittman gets it - I think he is instilling the values I saw in 1964 - or at least I hope so -


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