CFN Take on the Hogs

Since we’re talkin’ King, Steele and SI…decent read. This has been out since May evidently, hope it wasn’t already posted, didn’t see it :wink: … eview-2018

7.5? Wow, that’s some powerful Kool-Aid. Weirder things have happened (Auburn going from last in the West to the NCG in one year) but everything would have to fall into place and we’d have to get really consistent QB play from whoever.

Agree. Offshore last time I checked it was 5.5, so yeah Mr. F was a bit off. I think 7 is doable, but 6 more realistic. But I’m biased. :sunglasses:

Worst read imaginable for the skeptical Arkansas fan. This will get your hopes up, and if you’re concerned about having your hopes dashed again, don’t read it. Slowly, step away from the computer. Find a good book to read. There’s nothing to see here.

(But if you don’t mind having high hopes, excellent read.)

I feel better now after reading… that’s the most important thing.

Wow! I hope it’s true

He has a very high oppion Of Coach Morris and Chief!

I hope he is rightbsnd this is just the beginning

In one of my dreams-in the not too distant future- we are playing Clemson for the National Championship.
I have been dreaming a lot lately. New supplements perhaps.

We are going to be a much improved team, I think the prediction is spot on

I hope your supplements sustain you and your dreams come true

If they do look for an endorsement deal with your suppliment Rx cause you will help them make a fortune

Boy oh boy Bayouhog - people like you are making believe again

I hope your correct

Concearned about team speed and new systems

But I’m hopeful you are correct

What exactly give you this insight. How coach Morris did at SMU.

What he did at SMU makes me think he can turn things around at Arkansas but

Big but - in the SEC you’re facing NFL rosters - SMU maybe had to face a couple of NFL talent players on a team

Arkansas vs just about anyone in the SEC has 25% NFL or better save Bama

Bama has All NFL talent

It’s a number of things Bluegrass - most importantly, I think we are returning several good players on defense, adding help on the backside and we now have the Chief. This could be his finest hour; a less than chief-like year at A$M in 2017, then turning around a dumpster fire of a defensive unit into some bad-asses. Couple with a totally unpredictable offense and who knows…

I’m drinking the corn squeeze’n with some caution

I soooo hope you are correct -

As Ive heard said “Arkansas punches above her weight”

All I’ve seen is “weight” and little punch the last few years

Maybe it is the perfect storm - I hope you’re correct and Arkansas become better than it’s ever been

You boys are getting me pumped up. I have a feeling this team will be pretty darn good and tough to beat. If CCM can get the offense clicking, they will be in the mix for a bowl game. Maybe a good one.

Gee I wish I remember who posted it in another thread

He said the same as you then said - somthing to the effect : “ This dangerous - I’ve been hurt and disappointed so many times now after getting my hopes up - I need to put it down and step away “

Not an exact quote but it sure resonated with me

As a Razorback fan - we sure have had slot of disappointment

Still the Razorbacks keep hoping / listening to them call the Higs in Omaha sure inspired me

We really do need somthing good to happen

By the way, SuperBook in Vegas opened the Hogs at[color=#FF0000] 5 [/color]O/U wins.

I’m not getting my hopes up for this year. Last year really disappointed me. I don’t see us having huge improvement. However, we play an easier schedule this year. Col St replaces TCU. If we win there, it’ll be a good sign. Not necessarily a great sign, but a good one. Vanderbilt replaces So. Carolina. That’s another likely win. So I can see 5 wins on the non-conf games plus Vandy. We play Ole Miss at home, so that one’s a possible win. Mizzou is a possible win, but they might be pretty good, by MU standards, this year. So I can see us getting up to 7 wins, but everything has to fall right. I suppose we can pickup an upset somewhere, but we could also lose any SEC game.

I’m feeling better about this season - not going to be a John L Year

I easily see 6 wins if they win first three games - I hope no blowouts

Ark beats It’s non conf then will beat Vandy then all they need to do is beat Ole Miss or Mizzou

And Our Hogs may ambush LSU