CFN Season Prediction

College Football News has updated their projections for every SEC team for the rest of the year.

Hogs now picked to finish second in SECW behind Bama, with a record of 9-3.

Interestingly, they pick us to beat AM and Bama, but lose to OM, Aub, and Mizzou??? … ter-week-3

That’s an interesting array of wins & losses. I’m glad they have us beating Fla. I’m so past ready to do that. However, those aren’t the teams I’d pick us to beat or lose to in a 9-3 season. However, I could easily see losing to OM if we beat Bama the week before. It’s tough to come down from what would be a huge emotional win & then stick to business the next week against a very good team. But I do think we’d come back to beat AU even if it is on the road. I don’t think MU is very good, so at this point in the season I think we’d beat them.

I suppose I’d take that 9-3 record right now, but since at this point we’re undefeated, I kinda hate conceding a loss to anyone–even if it also entails beating Bama & UF.

Because our home SEC record has been so great, and we have no history of winning road games.


It is very difficult to pick records for an entire conference. I have never tried it and don’t really want to criticize someone who does. It’s an almost impossible task. I don’t even revisit mine after the season starts. I think about the win totals and don’t do a revision. It will drive you crazy. I put off make predictions for the season to the last minute and then try to concentrate on my other daily duties (and that’s enough to keep me busy).