CFN predicts this weeks game

they see it very much he same as I do I say 38-28. … me-preview

Thank for the articiple. I expect the team to play better this week with return of some of the missing players and back at home, I expect them to play with an edge as well.

Since joining the SEC in 1992 our Razorbacks have compiled a conference record of 89 wins, 109 losses and 2 ties.
Unfortunately, Arkansas is not the traditional winning football program that many Arkansas fans had grown used to following and cheering for in the 1950’s through the 1980’s.
While moving to the SEC has been a financial windfall for the University it has been overwhelmingly negative thus far in our ability to consistently be able to field an SEC caliber competitive football team with the exception of a handful of seasons.
Sure, we’ve had our share of great individual players and entertaining teams, but after 25 seasons we have yet to be able to hoist an SEC Championship trophy.
I have no idea if or when the culture of losing will be turned around, but the program is in such a deficit at this point that recruiting the level of players to do just that will be extremely difficult.
I’m hopeful that Coach Morris will be successful and will give him and the team my full support in hopes that he can get things turned around over the next few years.

Go Hogs!