Cesars/ Williams Hill sets Hogs win total at 7

wonder if Clay will still do his as a crowd pleaser?

I agree too low if our recruits come thru as we expect them to do, however we might be a little biased in our expectations.

I think the hogs will will more than 7 so low.

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Brutal schedule, but I agree, Army. I’m going out to Vegas in July for my 50th, and I’m gonna bet the over.

Also gonna bet at least a hundo on the Muss Buss to win the natty.

Be sure and place your bets immediately before gambling in casinos and enjoying free drinks. :grin:

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I doubt it would please any crowds. I really don’t have a clue what opponents are returning right now. I believe this team will be competitive in every game. I did not believe that this time last year. Did not think they could stay with Alabama but they did.


I think this is a really good total - personally staying away from it given strength of schedule and depth issues at a couple of spots.

I think this is at worst a 5-7 team and at best 9-3 .

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