Certainly not impressed with

These ACC officials. There have been missed calls on both sides. You would think there would better at this level of competition!

Well, at least they made a couple of holding calls against the Tide offensive line. That’s much better than what the SEC refs appear to be capable of.

Bama OL had to be surprised with the holding calls.
OU got away with several that should have been called.

The biggest missed call I saw was not in the OU game. It was in the Clemson-ND game by SEC refs. Notre Dame blocked the first extra point, knocking the center back about 5 yards. That’s an illegal play. The SEC umpire went to see the Notre Dame defensive tackle who did it to warn him not to do it again. They didn’t rush through the middle like that the rest of the game. I’d much prefer to see the penalty called and Clemson been given a re-kick on the first extra point. Oh well, maybe you get a warning for that first.

I thought the refs lost control of the OU/Bama game on a couple of occasions… A lot of chippiness and cheap shots