Certainly never saw this coming

Worst performance at home I’ve ever seen

Just no explanation for it

It is awful. I’m at a loss for words. LSU looks great & we can’t do a thing. If this were on the road, I might rationalize it away, but to lose like this at home…How frustrating.

I did as noted above. Too much Beard, Thompson, Thomas and Cook for me to love this team. I just don’t feel good about team tempo when those guys are out there for big minutes. It is just me with my own reasons and I bet I could find analytics that tell me that I am not on track, but I will be so glad when all those guys move on. LSU had more team chemistry coming in and it showed in the parts of the game I watched tonight.

historically, Nolan and Mike’s teams have hit a lull in January…right now, some players just need to see their shots find the net…Jones is hesitant even on open looks, just needs to go up and shoot it. Macon and Barford are forcing a few shots because no one else is hitting the basket consistently at the moment.

Too good of shooters to not pop out of it.