Central Conn vs. TCU, Regional game 5


Got any score updates

2-1 TCU, top of 3rd.

Now 3-2 ccsu bottom 3rd. TCU batting.

Thank you WS of P, since i’m 1880 miles away figured people on here were in the park. Appreciate the update

<LINK_TEXT text=“https://www.ncaa.com/game/baseball/d1/2 … onn-st-tcu”>https://www.ncaa.com/game/baseball/d1/2019/06/02/central-conn-st-tcu</LINK_TEXT>

Looks like Conn making them play that is good

Going to be TCU again looks like.I sure hope Wicklander is on b/c TCU has some hitters in that lineup and can’t afford to walking people.

Looks like TCU has held their better pitchers thinking they could score enough on Cen Conn. That looked like a risky decision in the first 3-4 innings, but now looks to be working. I was hoping CC could get some more runs to keep it very close in the late innings, but now a 3 run lead in B7 looks large. I’m still holding out hope for this game to go about 13 innings.

TCU has ripped CC closer who had very good numbers.Wicklander has going to have to keep the ball down b/c the ball is flying Hopefully we can take advantage of that too :smiley: