Central Arkansas

Only game on Saturday, Prime Time ESPN, Central Arkansas / Austin Peay
Quoting the Notorious Pig,

“MERCY” :sunglasses:

I love it!! I will watch any football at this point.


It will be interesting to see what kind of audience that has. I cannot imagine a game with less national appeal, but since we’ve had almost no sports since March & absolutely no football since February, it might get some viewers. That game is in Montgomery, AL. With social distancing rules & the fact that Peay is over 300 miles away & UCA even farther, I can’t imagine more than 5,000 or so showing up.

Why are they playing in Montgomery?

I have no idea why they are playing in Montgomery. Makes no sense to me.

I’m enjoying having the chance to watch sports and I will definitely be watching the Bears. That said, it’s just not the same for me without crowds. I know football will have around 33% capacity. That will help but the fans add so much to the atmosphere and I miss it tremendously.

No fans is just another reminder of the pandemic. It’s like the late night shows without an audience. Not the same.

The UA has been doing this for a few years now. I’m used to it

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One of these days you’ll get on stage and start your career as a comedian.

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If you only knew

I do. I know all and see all.

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I don’t think that bowl game in gomery has ever drawn 33% of stadium capacity. I expect a slightly larger crowd than we’ve been seeing at these MLBLM games, but not much more. Go Bears!

more than Stanley Cup, but Canada is hard line and no exceptions allowed.

There might be a decent sized Ark audience watching on TV, but I still suspect dismal ratings. I guess we’ll see how football-starved the nation is. If it draws a good rating, we’ll know it’s famished. If not…

It’s a neutral site game called the FCS Kickoff, which apparently has been around for 7-8 years and in Montgomery for four years. Kinda like those early season games in Atlanta and Jerry World for the big boys. They chose UCA and Peay because they both were conference co-champions last season,

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