Centerfielder next year?

Could this possibly be Peyton Holt, possibly Brayden Webb’s brother? Who else could fill this role?

The answer to most of next year’s lineup questions will be, JUCO, portal, more portal, and more JUCO.

As to who specifically those players will be, I have no clue. Coach will likely bring in 15-20 guys to compete in the fall for about 12-13 spots.

This time last year I figured Wilkerson would be one of our 2022 outfielders, so you never know until they go through a fall.

The only 1 of the 9 regulars next year I feel certain about is Stovall. I think Bohrofen and Diggs will figure in there somewhere too.

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Creighton transfer as well may be somewhere in the OF.

Bohrofen is a very good center fielder.Webb was just better. We will be bringing a brand new team next year and the Portal will be a lot of it, we already have a very good player coming from Creighton who was 1st team Big East but there will be a lot of players added after the season.

Webb’s a senior with power and speed. I really liked his work and approach at the plate lately.

To be clear: Isaac Webb’s brother’s name is Braydon, but it is not the current outfielder at Arkansas. His brother pitched at South Carolina.

I don’t like making roster projections this far out. I think there is a lot of potential movement between the portal and the draft that makes it difficult to say with certainty who will be on campus. That picture clears up more by early August.

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