CEM's temperment and health

IMHO, there was not any pressure on CEM his first couple of seasons. Expectations were raised last season, but I think they were relatively low compared to this season. However, with three Five Star freshmen and some outstanding portal transfers, the expectations for this season are off the charts.
IVO CEM’s actions during the SDSU game at the Maui Classic (Devo and “L”), is CEM perhaps feeling too much self-applied pressure which is outwardly affecting his court side behavior?
I realize he’s wound tight and wears his emotions on his sleeve, but has he been even too hyper this season compared to previous years?
I am not being critical of CEM. I am concerned about his health. His father died of a stroke at the age of 59. If need be, I would prefer CEM to find a peaceful way to release any stress he may be having, relax some while maintaining a healthy amount of intensity and enjoy the season without harming himself.
Am I off base? What do y’all think?
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He works out daily (both cardio and strength training). That certainly helps.

Yes you’ re off base!!

He works out daily. He’s a lot like his dad but I think he’s also learned to take care of himself.


When he flashed the L, he was telling people he’s a lunatic.

Nah, he’s volatile but he’s been that way as long as I’ve been following him. The emotion is what makes him a great coach (which he tempers with a great deal of humor).


Amen. I have to take Lisonopril. Guessing Muss probably does too.

I think he just ratcheted things up because he knows he’s got more talent and is going to get the most out of it. I don’t think it’s pressure per se. He said earlier in the year, paraphrasing, that they need to play to their best everyday. I think the players feed off his intensity. Also, you want to play for a coach who is going to fight for you.

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I don’t think you’re off-base, guy. I’ve had the same concerns myself.

One has to be careful expressing those concerns around other Hog fans, lest they think that you’re being critical of him and you/I are NOT. Just concerned.

I don’t claim to know him personally or to be close enough to know how on or off-center those concerns are. I hope the best for him, and even though I am concerned, I also understand the competitive nature of the position he has. Kind of goes with the territory, I guess. But I do see him really, REALLY into the game at a level (it appears) most coaches are not. There are pros and cons to that. As fans, we reap the benefits, mostly.

When did this board become WebMD?

I don’t mean to be too critical of your post. It just seems like a reach.

We had people diagnosing KJ with depression based on his sideline demeanor Friday and now we are worried about Muss stroking out based on his sideline demeanor.

Almost every coach we have had in every major sport has been fiery on game days. It’s common and is part of the reason those coaches have risen to the top of the profession.

Heck, Coach Neighbors got a tech up 17 with 4 minutes left the other day (defending his player who had gotten 2 Techs in succession).

It’s generally part of the gig. Not many of them are cool as a cucumber like Jay Wright (on the sideline).

Nolan could burn really hot and he’s seemingly doing well at 80.

And, Muss seems to enjoy himself, plenty in the summer.


I thought he was talking to you

It’s always been

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This isn’t a real post, right?


After dealing with COVID for 3 years, isn’t it obvious that the Internet is the place to go for the REAL medical information???

(Sarcasm alert)


Right like we all should chime in on the health plan for coach?!

“hey hey hey” come on guys.

Our kids, players, recruits, Moms & Dads, read this stuff. IMO this is very important dialog. Keep it civil!

Muss will be fine. I personally would like to pass to a much greater place doing what I love. Muss loves what he is doing. I repeat Muss will be fine, case study–Bob Knight.

Guynhawaii, your concern for others health does you credit, and I applaud you for it.
Whether it belongs on this board matters not. I do think Muss and his family and doctor are aware of
all this and are in control.

Funny stuff

Just a guess, but I believe Muss thrives on pressure… when Nolan was at his best, you could hear him in the parking lot yelling at his players.

YUP, nothing different going on with Muss. Savage competitor, he is a completely different person on the sideline. Muss is a WINNER, period.

I doubt it. They would take it like a grain of salt. Very important dialog, NOT :sunglasses: